I got Botox to make my skin baby soft… it’s actually given me more wrinkles and my eyes are loads lower too | The Sun

BOTOX and expensive treatments – the first two words to spring to mind when it comes to banishing aging.

But one woman has revealed that the popular beauty procedure has now left her with new wrinkles, taking to TikTok to warn others.

Cecily Bauchmann, 34, believed to be from the US, said she didn't want to gatekeep and thought it was important to tell others what she was never told.

''I feel like this is not talked about enough…,'' she said in her video.

''Since the muscles are, I guess, like frozen, my eyes come down just a little bit.''

Although, as the mum-of-four went to add, this is not necessarily extra visible when she keeps her eyes open, there's a deep line whenever she shuts them.


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''The biggest thing that I notice is that wrinkle,'' the beauty fan pointed out.

Fortunately, whilst sharing the ''big sister advice'', Cecily noted that this is not permanent and won't change the features of your face forever.

''If you experience this a few days after you get dysport or Botox, it does not last, it goes away.

''But it does take like three weeks, so you're just going to have to push through it.''

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''If this happens or to anyone else you know remember this! It does get better,'' she reminded fellow beauty enthusiasts.

However, despite reckoning that this was entirely normal and nothing to be worried about, Botox fans on TikTok insisted the injector had messed up.

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''Girl! That means they’re not doing it correctly!'' commented one of them.

Someone else agreed, writing: ''I think your injector has given you too much Botox! This happened to me.

''I went to a different injector & they told me it was the volume & placement & it hasn’t happened to me since.''

''I was told if that happens they did it in the wrong spot!'' a third shared the same opinion.

Unfortunately, Cecily is not the first one to experience major problems with her Botox – one woman was left looking like an Angry Bird.

Desperately seeking help from fellow beauty lovers, the woman, better known as Styled with Natalia (@styledwithnatalia) on TikTok, uploaded a clip to reveal the mortifying fail.

Posing with her new face, Natalia told her 3.2k followers she had just had Botox injected in her forehead a few weeks ago.

But despite loving the smooth appearance, Natalia felt that the injections had also changed how her eyebrows sit.

''Now I feel like my eyebrows are not looking the way I like them.

''They are very pointy now,'' the fashion enthusiast demonstrated in the video.

''I know it raised my eyebrows a little bit, which I think it's supposed to do that,'' she said, adding that all she can see now in the reflection are her ''crazy'' eyebrows.

''I like the lifted look also, but I think this time is too “pointy” and feel this time it doesn’t look like last time.

''I don't know is this happens to anyone else but I think I need help with my eyebrows now.''

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Fortunately, since posting the video, Natalia's revealed she's been able to book an appointment with a specialist to fix the flop.

''I am never that person to go back and ask for something to be redone but I might have to.''

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