I got Botox in my jaw but freaked out when my muscle started moving on its own – people say it looks like a fish gill | The Sun

A WOMAN who decided to get Masseter Botox to get a thin jaw was left stunned by the side-effect.

Shelby Hooks, from the US, was left stunned when her masseter muscle started acting up after being injected with Botox – albeit on just one side.

Shelby quickly took to TikTok to ask for advice and to see if it had happened to anyone else.

She said: "Attention to anyone who has done Masseter Botox before or does Botox for a living, I need help."

The young woman then showed viewers exactly what she was concerned about.

She began to clench her jaw and her masseter muscle immediately popped out from the side of her cheek.


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The reaction created what looked like a ball at the back of her cheek.

"Kind of freaked out," she explained.

And we would be too, the video soon went viral with over 89k views.

Plenty of people took to the comments section sharing their advice and what exactly was going on.

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Others compared it to a fish gill.

One wrote: "Sometimes one side of the muscle kicks in before the other causing the “gill” like effect."

A second person commented: "They injected your Masseter too superficially and created a “horn”. Only superficial part of the Masseter was paralyzed."

"Injection wasn’t deep enough causing overcompensation. They just need to add more! Don’t worry! Easy fix," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth claimed: "Hi injector here most likely they injected the muscle too superficially and the deeper part of the muscle is overcompensating. Just add some deeper."

Another added: "You just need a little more on that side, reach out to your injector it’s an easy fix."

"Yeah just wear your hair down for 4 months," suggested a sixth.

Another wrote: "It's not a complication, you need a small amount superficially at 2 weeks review appointment."

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