I go from a 5 to a 10 in a bikini – but people say my haters ‘must be blind’ | The Sun

A YOUNG WOMAN has shown that she goes from a self-described 5 to a 10 when wearing a bikini in a popular video.

She shared her slender physique online, receiving some backlash, but many viewers came to her defense saying that her haters "must be blind."

Content creator Selene, also known on TikTok as @selenethewomen, entertained viewers with a quick video showing off her style and body shape.

Much of her social content on the platform pertains to her enjoyment of playing tennis and also contains sexual innuendos.

The "5 to a 10" TikTok trend was popularized in late 2022 which involves people taking off their clothes to show off their bodies.

In the nine-second video, the young woman briefly shows off her fashion sense before slipping into a bikini that instantly amps her to a 10.


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The video begins with Selene standing in front of a mirror in a bedroom, recording herself through the reflection.

She is wearing a black skater skirt and a white bustier-style top that is tucked into the skirt.

The words "People say I go from a 5 to a 10" are written across the screen as she poses in front of the mirror with her phone held close to her face.

The final second of the video gives a brief glimpse of the young woman in her bikini that is so quick, it could be missed by blinking.

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Selene dons a paisley-print string bikini that accentuates her curves and bust.

Her suggestive TikTok piqued the interest of many viewers with many saying that she is definitely more than a 5.

"People have no idea, dressed or in a bikini, you're a 10/10," one user commented.

"You a ten without the bikini just FYI," another added.

"Whoever says your a 5 is blinder than Helen Keller," a viewer praised.

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