I found my dream wedding dress – then my groom said I looked tacky, it was classless AND showed way too much boob

WEDDING dress shopping is usually a fun and exciting experience for any bride-to-be, and her bridal party.

For one bride, dress shopping took something of an unfortunate turn when she brought her fiancé along with her. 

Featuring on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, bride Meg Liz Miller took her fiancé Jack Owoc along with her and her bridal party when she went to try on wedding dresses – something he turned out to be extremely opinionated on.

When the bridal consultant begins showing Meg Liz some dresses, Jack is quick to interject with his views. Some of the dresses he describes as “hideous,” leading fashion director and show co-host Monte to hilariously quip “last time I checked this store wasn’t named Bridals by Jack.”

Meg Liz’s opinionated fiancé also vetoed her desire to look at mermaid-style dresses, and so she tried on a number of different styles instead.

“I love this dress,” the bride-to-be said, trying on the first of the dresses picked out, “but what is Jack going to think?” she added.


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Turns out, it was not his dream dress, asking “Is this say yes to the dress or say yes to the breast?” According to him the dress showed way too much cleavage, continuing “yeah, we need to pull that top up.

Talking to the camera, he added: “This dress, because it’s cut low, is tacky and unacceptable.”

The second dress, Meg Liz said, made her feel beautiful and rated an 8.5 out of ten. However when asked his rating Jack answered: “On a scale of one to ten, it owes points.”

“If Meg Liz keeps letting this fiancé change her mind, she’ll be walking out of here with nothing but her fianceé,” says Lori Allen, one of the show’s hosts.

Lori then gives the happy couple a quick word of advice: “You’ve got to stand up for yourself and figure out what you want” she says to Meg Liz, “you’re going to be the one looking at these pictures  20 years from now.” 

This convinces Meg Liz to go back to the original style she wanted and start trying on the mermaid style dresses.

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Trying on the third dress, Meg Liz exclaims that she loves it and that this is the dress that she wants. Before going to show the bridal party the dress, Lori offers to kick Jack out – an offer that Meg Liz takes up.

After being asked to leave, groom Jack says “I think it’s going to end in disaster.”

However, he ultimately ends up eating his words. Meg Liz picks the third dress and at the wedding Jack concedes “she picked the right dress,” adding that it’s beautiful, classy and “she rocked it.”

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