I found a $6 product on Amazon that will easily fix holes in your clothes without sewing – it's witchcraft | The Sun

A HACK enthusiast has found a $6 product from Amazon that easily fixes holes in clothes without a sewing needle.

He showed viewers how he utilized the homeware item in a TikTok video.

Jared Andersen (@stuffyouactuallyneed) has an eye for finding products that make life easier and shares those tips online.

In a TikTok video, he shared a unique tool from Amazon that easily fixes holes in his clothes.

He laid a washed-out burgundy shirt on the table and zoomed in on its imperfections.

"I found a way to fix all these holes that just randomly show in clothes," he said in a voiceover.

Jaren then told viewers about the Stitch Witchery Fusible Bonding Web, $5.99, which he uses to hide the spots.

First, he cut a small piece and placed it on the inside of the shirt, behind the hole.

Then, he pressed the fabric together with his fingers and pressed on the front and back with a hot iron for ten seconds.

"It's honestly stronger and looks better than I thought it would," he admitted.

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As the video came to a close, he jokingly called it "witchcraft."

Many viewers appreciated the fashion hack.

"Back when I was little I found this in my mom's sewing box and used it all up and never knew until today what it was for," a viewer shared.

"If I don’t have an iron will a straightener work because I’m buying this right now," another chimed in.

Thanks, bruh. I needed this," a fan praised.

"What??? I’ve thrown away so many shirts! Genius," another added.

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