I found $2,000 in my first 5 minutes at a thrift store – how to bag the best bargains like me | The Sun

AN expert thrifter has revealed how she found $2,000 worth of clothing for under $200.

She says she got especially lucky with this particular shopping haul, scooping up the lucrative finds in the first five minutes at the thrift store.

Ashley, who runs the account Hustle at Home Mom, recently show off what she picked up on a trip to one of her favorite thrift stores in Utah with the intent of reselling it all on eBay.

"I go find things for really cheap that I can flip online for a profit," she explained.

On this trip, she spent $196 on clothing that was mostly new – both with the tags still attached and no tags.

She says that all together, the pieces she bought retailed for at least $2,000 total.

"That doesn't mean that's what I can sell them for, but I do think I can at least sell them for at least $80 to $150 each," she said.

"And I found it in the first five minutes. That's crazy," she added. "These are just the thrift trips you dream about."

Ashley filmed herself at the store as she picked up a pair of Lululemon leggings and Rag & Bone jeans.

She also found tons of stuff from designer Derek Lam's 10 Crosby line.

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Back at home, she went through the items she purchased and revealed their retail prices.

There was a pair of $396 frayed-hem white jeans, a $115 T-shirt, a $295 blouse, and $295 pants.

"I'm so grateful these ended up in my hands," she said.

She also found a top from the brand Lemaire, which was a real score – and just about paid for the entire shopping haul once she re-sold it.

"It's a super high-end brand, retails for a lot of money. I sold the blouse for $152 the very same day that I listed it," she said.

"In retrospect, I might have priced it higher or held out a little bit longer," she added.

Other items she found and resold were a pair of Anthony Thomas Melillo pants, brand new with tags, that retailed for $395, and an Urban Outfitters dress, originally $129.

She found clothes by All Saints Madewell, Free People, and Anthropologie as well.

"I think, conservatively, I might have $1,500 worth of sales here – maybe more if the Derek Lam stuff sells really well," she said.

She wasn't able to offer a grand total for how much money she actually made on the haul, since several of the items are still available in her eBay store.

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