I dropped £1k on fillers because I wanted to look younger – but it went hideously wrong and my skin started to DIE | The Sun

A WOMAN was left with her ‘face falling off’ after a routine appointment for anti-ageing filler went very wrong.

Scheduling a regular appointment for eye fillers, Izzy Anaya had no idea that this would be the worst experience of her life.

Within 24 hours of having the fillers injected, the 43-year-old content creator and housewife felt like her skin was on fire, with the fillers burning her due to her having an allergic reaction to it.

Within two days of the procedure, she developed necrosis – the death of body tissue – around the edges of her nose, causing permanent scarring and intense pain.

Now, she is warning others against the dangers.

“It’s all fun and games until your face starts falling off,” Izzy, from New York, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

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“I felt extreme burning where the filler was.

“It was very noticeable, but looked more like a rash.

“It was at 48 hours when my skin started flaking, so I called a plastic surgeon that I know – not the initial injector.”

After initially paying $1,400 (£1,068) for the eye filler, Izzy had them immediately dissolved and was placed on steroids to help the healing process.

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She was also placed in a hyperbaric chamber to aid her body in recovery, but unfortunately necrosis is irreversible.

She added: “I called the salon and they offered to do anything to help, including dissolving [it] and putting it back in, but at that point I had already gone to the plastic surgeon and didn’t want to go back given the bad experience.

“I was just worried it would leave a long-term scar.”

Fortunately, due to the efforts of the plastic surgeon, Izzy was able to avoid visible scarring on her face.

After her experience, she now avoids fillers altogether, instead opting for PDO threading, a less invasive procedure where dissolving threads are used to tighten and lift areas of the face.

Sharing her experience on her TikTok (@averagerichhousewife), Izzy has garnered 104,900 followers, 47,500 views and nearly 1,000 likes on a post showing pictures of her face during the ordeal.

One viewer said: “I’m glad you are better. I admire your vulnerability to show us what can happen with fillers.”

“It can happen to any injector. It’s the risk you take. Thank god you’re ok!” wrote another person.

Mara added: “I’m so sorry filler betrayed you! We deserve better.”

“Yikes this is my biggest nightmare about fillers. I’m too scared to try it,” commented someone else.

Alex said: “Omg that’s awful! I’m so glad you’re better now!!! Thanks for sharing this. I feel like nobody talks about things like this when they happen.”

Vowing to never touch fillers again, Izzy now advises others against the procedure.

She said to others considering filler: “Don’t do it!

“I’ve had horrible luck with fillers.

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“I’ve had it migrate in my eyes… and then I had necrosis.

“I got really lucky and no scarring was left, but that was pure luck.”

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