I compared Kim Kardashian’s ‘fits everybody’ Skims dress to Spanx’s version – it’s so much softer & cost $22 | The Sun

A CONTENT creator who loves a good deal found a Skims dupe at her local department store.

Monique Josephine owns a lot of Skims pieces but wanted a true shapewear dress, so she went to Kohl’s and managed to find a cheaper and nicer version.

“You’re not gonna believe what I just found at Kohl’s,” she said excitedly in a TikTok video as she drove home from her shopping adventure.

“When I tell you it’s giving Skims, I mean like Skims plus, Skims but better,” she said, adding: “Like snatched, like damn they have more colors.”

Monique said that the piece was comparable to Skims’ Fits Everybody Slip Dress. The short cami-style dress retails for $62 and is meant to look flattering on all body shapes.

She is a fan of her Skims dress, noting: “I really love the fabric. Oh my gosh, it’s incredible, it’s so smoothing, so soft, so light-weight, and comfortable.”

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But she added: “But it isn’t really shapewear,” and said she expects to be snatched.

So Monique went to Kohl’s to look for an alternative. While she didn’t find anything in the shapewear area, she did stumble on a hidden treasure and a major deal.

“I went to the clearance rack and found a Spanx shapewear dress 50% off,” she revealed.

She found the Reversible 4-Way Tank Slip from the brand’s Red Hot line.

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While Monique stated that the original price was $70, it actually sells for $58 full-price on the Kohl’s website.

With the 50 percent clearance discount and an additional 15 percent off coupon that she received for returning an Amazon package at Kohl’s, Monique paid just $22 for the shapewear piece.

“I would buy it over the Skims dress any day … I would buy it again, and for $70,” she declared.

At the end of her video, she filmed herself wearing her Skims slip and showed the packaging for the Spanx dress.

The Spanx product says that it can be worn backwards for a V-neck look rather than the normal scoop neckline. The black dress can also be turned inside out for nude color instead.

“Looooove this!” one person commented.

“I believe it!” another added. “I have never bought Skims but I do own Spanx and LOVE them.”

Monique responded, writing: “I’m blown away. I’ve been spending so much on Skims and turns out the OG is doing it better.”

In a follow-up video, she did a side-by-side try-on of her Skims and Spanx purchases.

First, she wore the Skims slip, which gave her a harsh line across her waist and showed her belly button indent and underwear seams. The piece also didn’t flatten her lower stomach or smooth out her hip dips.

Then she tried on her new Spanx piece, which she clearly preferred more.

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“So you can see with the Spanx it’s much smoother than with the Skims,” Monique said while showing how the material had more compression and was slightly more slimming.

In addition to its multi-wear features, the Spanx product also has thicker and smoother straps than Skims.

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