I bought a second-hand dress and turned it into a clever business – now it’s raking me in thousands and anyone can do it | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has shared that she will soon be raking in thousands of pounds thanks to a second-hand dress. 

Mary Korlindowns told other women to “invest in their clothes” because the right outfit will earn them money for months to come.

The 25-year-old buys clothes that she likes and lends them out to other women for cash using clothing rental sites, like Bipty and The Volte. 

She took to Tik Tok to share her latest fabric investment was a second hand designer two-piece.

What’s more, she purchased it secondhand from former Lover Islander Ellie Brown.

The Geordie lass, 24, shot to fame on the fourth series of the ITV2 series back in 2018 – and now her fashion decisions are helping Mary make money.

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Mary explained on Tik Tok: “This is what I mean when I say invest in your clothes.

“Jean Paul Gaultier released a cyber collection worn by the Jenners, Chloe Bailey and more.

“A set from this collection retails around $600 to over $700.

“I scoured resale platforms and found it for £325.

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“Turns out it was Ellie Brown who sold it to me… that’s cool.

“Now, I’m renting this set out on Bipty for $65 per rental, plus shipping and cleaning.”

Renting the dress out at £53 a pop – the equivalent to $65 – means Mary will break even on the seventh rental.

She said: “After that, it’s just straight profit AND I now have the coolest set to wear whenever I want!”

To rake in £1,000 from the dress, Mary will need to rent it out 19 times – or every weekend coming up before summer starts in June.

Mary told viewers her video was their “sign to invest” in fashion pieces to make money.

She added: “This is your sign to invest in the pieces you love, share them with others and make that $$.”

Fashion guru Mary also told women interested in her idea that although Depop has the best second hand pieces, the prices people sell for on the app are “insane”.

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She instead prefers using Poshmark or eBay to buy second hand designer pieces that she can rent out.

People dubbed her idea “genius” and said investing in fashion “makes so much sense” if you can make money from a dress once you’ve bought it.

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