I bagged over £100 of Next clothes for more than half price including a leopard tee for a POUND – here’s how

WE can't deny that buying our kids new clothes is one of our favourite things to do.

Matching PJs, cartoon t-shirts and frilly dresses – you name it and our lot probably have five sets hanging up in their wardrobes.

But one thing we definitely don't factor in when we're shopping is just how quickly they grow out of their clothes.

So with this in mind, we could certainly do with taking a leaf out of Hannah Barsby's book.

The mum, 28, from Fareham, recently told Latest Deals how she bagged a whopping £105 worth of Next clothes for just £46.

And the best part is, the clothes will last her and her family YEARS.


Hannah explained: "The Next sale is probably one of the most exciting events of the year for me.

"These clothes will last a few years, as I buy in advance for my daughter to save money.

"I go to as many sales as I can, and I try to attend every Next sale where I buy only essential items. The sleepsuits purchased were gifts for friends expecting children."

Going into the sale, Hannah set herself a spending limit of £50 – and this got her two dresses, two sleepsuits, three t-shirts, some Pjs and denim shorts too.

She said: "In the sale I picked up a double dress pack which was £18 and got marked down to £8.50, a triple sleepsuit pack which was £18 and also got reduced to £8.50, another triple sleepsuit pack which was £18 and got discounted to £8 and a leopard print t-shirt for just £1 which was originally £4.50."

So how does she bag the best bargains? Hannah says the key is to scour every section of the sale carefully – especially as other shoppers can put things back in the wrong place.

Hannah’s Next Haul:

  • Double dress pack – £8.50 down from £18
  • Triple sleepsuit pack – £8.50 down from £18
  • Triple sleepsuit pack – £8 down from £18
  • Leopard print t-shirt – £1 down from £4.50
  • Oversized white t-shirt – £2 down from £6
  • Denim shorts- £6.50 down from £14
  • Yellow t-shirt – £1.50 down from £3
  • Twin set of pyjamas – £10 down from £24

And while it may sound obvious, Hannah always make a big effort to hit all the sales in her local area – and when she's really keen for a bargain, she'll cast the net further too.

She added: "Another place I shop is Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, where they have a Clarks shoes outlet.

"The other week we were about to spend £46 on brand new shoes for my daughter for school, but we found a pair with an RRP of £40 going for £26 instead! They had a huge selection of options and at such a bargain price, I even contemplated buying two pairs.

"A few months ago I saw a blouse in ASDA which had been reduced. I had been eyeing it up for ages and it gave me ‘school summer dress vibes’ but for £12.50 I absolutely wasn’t going to buy it. At £3 though! It was put straight in my basket.

‘While I was there I also saw some Roblox tops for my daughter. She’s obsessed with Roblox but for £16 for the two, they would not have been purchased at full price. £4 for the pair though. They certainly came home."

Tom Church, Co-Founder of the money-saving Black Friday app, said: ‘Hannah is clearly a pro at finding discounted clothes for her daughter. Browsing through the sales is a great way to cut costs, especially if you plan ahead and buy a few sizes bigger in anticipation of your child growing! Other great places to find bargain clothes include Depop and Vinted, where you can get good quality second hand items for a fraction of the price."

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