How to make the perfect McDonalds fries at home

IF you are craving McDonald’s you may be delighted to know it could be easier than you think to replicate their tasty fries at home.

A chef has revealed exactly how to make their salty chips in the comfort of your kitchen.

Whip it up for a late night snack or simply impress your pals with this step-by-step guide from TikTok user chef Timothy Clowers.

In a video, he showed how you simply peel potatoes, soak them in water for a few hours and then cut them into circles.

Next you chop them into long fries shapes before putting them in salted boiling water for four minutes.

He explained: “Then you are going to get your oil at 350F (176C). I used vegetable [oil] and I also added some duck fat in there to make them extra happy.

“You are gonna fry them for 12 minutes, and then you are done.”

Timothy showed off his finished product which looked remarkably like the famous McDs fries. 

The video has racked up numerous comments from impressed fast food fans, with one saying: “Thank you so much. Definitely trying this.”

Another added: “Thanks chef.”

Meanwhile, a food blogger based in Sydney has revealed the simple way you can ensure your fries are cooked to order every time.

Jonny Massaad, from Cakemail – a cake delivery service down under, shared a video on Instagram and explained that when ordering fries, you should request them without salt.

Usually the fries are always covered in salt as they're prepared, so when asked for without salt, the fries will need to be freshly cooked in a new batch.

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