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WET rooms can both save space and look stylish but style comes with some cleaning questions.

The design of a wet room means your shower floor is flush with the rest of the room, creating lots of places mould can grow, so it's important to keep it clean.

How to clean a textured wet room floor?

Cleaning the floor of your wet room is surprisingly easy especially if you have the right equipment.

You will need:

  • Cleaning fluid (natural or chemical)
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Plastic mesh scrubber
  • Toothbrush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Microfibre cloth

Simple steps can make sure your floor stays clean so you can shower in peace.

Don't forget to clean your shower head or your toilet while you're cleaning the rest of the wet room.

Rinse after showering

This little trick will mean you don't have to clean as often or put as much elbow grease in when you do.

Make sure all the soap suds are rinsed down the drain before leaving the shower – you can even give it a quick wipe down.

Prevention is always key to keeping things looking clean and tidy so get into the habit of washing away grim before it has the chance to settle.


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Mop the floor

Luckily, because the shower is part of the main bathroom, cleaning is super easy.

Grab your mop and fill the bucket with cleaning solution or hot soapy water and get mopping.

Use the shower head to rinse away the suds when you're done as you would after showering.

Clean the grout

Usually, wet rooms are tiled so this means there is grout to clean.

Using a soft brush or toothbrush, scrub the grout with a mould killing cleaning solution.

Eventually you may need to re-grout the bathroom but keeping it sparkling should make this last longer.

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Keep the floor dry

When not in use, you should keep the floor and room as dry as possible to prevent mould growing in your bathroom.

After cleaning, use an extra long squeegee to push water down the drain so it doesn't sit in the cracks and crevices of the floor.

Once the bulk of the water is gone, use a towel to completely dry the floor, making sure the room is well ventilated when air drying to prevent dampness.

Clean the drain

Drains are one of the more disgusting jobs in the bathroom but they can be tackled easily, start with pouring boiling water down it to dissolve soap scum.

Put your rubber gloves on and lift the drain trap, remove any hair or debris caught and clean it, this might be enough to clear it.

If the blockage is lower down, use a drain snake to clear the pipes before pouring your cleaner down.

Follow the instructions on your drain cleaner or for a natural option mix white vinegar and baking soda, let this sit in the drain for 15 minutes and then rinse with more boiling water.

Clean the glass

Glass is really easy to clean, if you have some glass cleaner and a soft cloth you'll remove water stains in no time.

Use a soft sponge and spray your cleaner over the glass, use circular motions to break down any limescale build-up.

Once the glass is clear, rinse with water then squeegee the water away so you don't undo all your hard work.

How much does a wet room cost?

Wet rooms can vary vastly in price depending on room size, time taken and quality of appliances.

On average a wet room costs between £3,500 and £10,000 to install.

The average cost of a disabled wet room runs at around £5,000 for installation but means you can be sure it is safe to use.

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If you have a smaller room you can keep your price down by choosing simple installations or painting the room yourself.

It's worth keeping it clean because this can extend the longevity of the bathroom meaning your money will go further.

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