Hilaria Baldwin shows 'shiny object syndrome' in 'risky fashion stunt' as Alec awaits criminal charges, says expert | The Sun

HILARIA Baldwin's recent 'switch and bait' fashion stunt was a risky move in the wake of her husband’s manslaughter charges, an image consultant has suggested.

And she thinks the yoga enthusiasts' misguided messaging could make the Baldwins look untrustworthy in the filing run-up.

Over recent days, Alec Baldwin has been digesting the news that prosecutors in Mexico will charge him with two counts of involuntary manslaughter.

The charges surround the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on the set of his now-defunct movie, Rust, and will come before the end of the month.

So far, the 64-year-old actor and movie director has kept a fairly low profile over the shooting of Halyna Hutchins and maintained his innocence.

Since October 2021 and the tragic incident, Alec has done one headline-grabbing interview and sued other crewmembers.

He has also offered a few thoughts on Instagram, with his wife also speaking out about their challenging year.

But as news of the charges looked set to surface, on Thursday a seemingly carefully orchestrated set of maneuvers unfolded outside his downtown Manhattan home.

That morning, Baldwin's 39-year-old wife Hilaria began to saunter in and out of the couple’s penthouse.

And instead of discreetly going about her day-to-day business, she made a series of messaging blunders, and fast became the center of attention.

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In an exclusive interview, certified image and style consultant Carol Davidson told The U.S Sun: "Hilaria's style choices that day show just how focused they were on the optics as opposed to the tragedy.

"They took a huge risk which didn't pay off because authenticity and consistency weren't evident here.

"At one point it was as if Central Casting had sent in another actress.

“The sparkly, indulgent, and playful slippers were insensitive and a hard no, given the gravity of the situation.

“The hoodie and sweatshirt were asking for something that they haven’t earned.

“The situation is extremely difficult, but this was a big mistake and a case of shiny object syndrome."

Since Thursday, Hilaria has been photographed several times outside her home and swanning around downtown Manhattan.

Before the news that her husband would be charged with manslaughter had broken, the mom-of-seven was snapped leaving her home smiling.

She was wearing jewelry while clutching a cell phone and coffee cup.

Hilaria’s trendy black jacket was teamed with tight black shiny pleather workout leggings, oversized sunglasses, and a pair of pearl and rhinestone slippers costing $300.

“I suspect Hilaria had some counsel about what to wear that first day,” reveals Carol, who helps her clients use wardrobe as a tool for communication. 

“It was a very particular before and after look in every sense of the phrase.

“When Hilaria came out for the first time wearing the black jacket and the black pleather leggings, she was on display.

“There was a little bit more ‘extra’ on her than she's typically known for with her day-to-day look.

"This showed a huge disconnect because there was a little extra glam, a little extra bling, and a little extra fashion."

“She was serving as a distraction and moving people's attention toward what she was wearing and away from the grave situation at hand," Davidson believes.

“There was no reverence and her focus was on looking glam.

"This was not your typical New York mom, getting the kids off for the day.

"It was insensitive to the whole situation, particularly with the sparkly slippers."

Later that Thursday, Hilaria was seen once again.

This time it was following the news that her husband was going to be charged.

Hilaria was dressed in a muted beige hoodie with the word "human" written across the front.

She appeared to be downcast and glaring while collecting her kids outside.

"If we fast forward a couple of hours and after the news about Alec's charges hit, Hilaria's whole aura changed," says Carol.

"She looked serious and distraught. She was noticeably less dressed up, if not more disheveled.

"But while this look was much more in keeping with the gravity of the situation, it looked like she'd been sent over by a casting agency.

"She was also wearing muted, somber colors. She was covered up, and much less glam.

"But then came the messaging on her sweatshirt and where everything fell apart further. There was a disconnect at the waist."

Although Hilaria had changed into a casual sweater, her leather leggings and sparkly shoes remained.

Carol adds: "The top half of her and the bottom half weren't saying the same things. That breeds distrust now.

"The top would be trying to convey to the public that Alec is just human and everybody makes mistakes.

"The bottom was the sparkly, fun, and indulgent slippers."

Hilaria's final change of clothing came on Friday when she set out to get coffee wearing a green sweatshirt with the word "empathy" across it.

But amazingly, she had on the same with shiny faux leather leggings and her playful black embellished slides.

“The next look was amped up," explains our expert, of Carol Davidson Lifestyle Strategy.

"It was literally and metaphorically asking the press and the public to have empathy for them and their situation.

"I think that if anyone should be asking for empathy, it should be for the family that's grieving.

"I think it was this was a very poor attempt at manipulating the emotions of the press and the public which was insensitive.

"Alec and Hilaria missed the mark here.

"This was an opportunity to show concern, sympathy, and compassion.

"This pair have made it so much worse for themselves."

Baldwin has since said he would fight the involuntary manslaughter charges.

If unsuccessful, he could be sentenced to a maximum of 18 months in jail.

On Thursday, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies said in a statement: "On my watch, no one is above the law, and everyone deserves justice."

And for Hilaria herself, this isn’t the first time she has caused a stir.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur and podcaster made headlines in 2020 when allegations arose that she had misrepresented her national origin as Spanish.

She has denied any cultural misappropriation — stating that she grew up bilingual and spent time in Spain.

"I wouldn't have made this day about the fashion at all, " adds Carol.

"I would've advised that Hilaria continue to dress the way she always does.

"This wasn't the time to be deviating from her understated norm."

"The fact that she had the bandwidth to put herself together in that way really showed that her focus was on something completely different," Carol believes.

"And the unfortunate part was, to some extent, that Hilaria didn't remain true to her brand which is normally uncontrived.

"I think her typical day-to-day outfit is relatable and that's what people like about her with her leaning into that athleisure and sporty style.

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"If you're a celebrity and going to make a statement or if you're lucky enough to have eyes and ears on you, you really dress the moment and dress the message.

"The Baldwins completely missed the mark."

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