Hate packing? This app will help you organise and style all your summer clothes

Written by Naomi May

Take the stress out of summer holiday packing with digitised wardrobe app Whering’s latest feature.

In the realm of things you’d like to be doing during the warmer months of the year, the chances are that packing for a summer holiday or staycation isn’t exactly high on your list.

From having to guesstimate how many pairs of pants you’ll need for a four-day trip away (the answer is always double the number of days you’re away, in my experience) to having to press all of your bodyweight onto your suitcase until it decides to finally zip shut, the act of packing is truly a fine art.

Aside from there being a plethora of helpful how-to guides debunking packing myths, there is help to be found elsewhere in the form of digitised wardrobe app Whering. 

Summer holiday packing: how to pack like an expert

Whering allows you to upload images of your clothes then create outfits virtually within the app – basically it’s Cher from Clueless’s wardrobe come to life. And the app’s latest feature is designed to take all the stress out of holiday packing. 

“The stress-free packing function works essentially as a moodboard, so you can decide what your aesthetic is before you start packing,” Whering’s founder Bianca Rangecroft tells Stylist.

“It’s a notes section on the app of what you still need to organise and a progress bar to track what you’ve packed, what’s at the dry-cleaners or what still needs to be bought.” In short, it’s the holiday packing organiser you’ve spent all your summers pining for. 

Rangecroft was inspired to develop the packing function as an extension of Whering’s USP: to help people enjoy fashion, and their own wardrobes, more consciously.

Whering’s newest function makes summer holiday packing entirely stress-free.

“Using the packing function helps users to shop more mindfully for their holidays. They can catalogue and organise what they need and utilise what they already have,” she adds.

Rangecroft founded Whering in June 2020 after being inspired “to create a conscious movement and push users to adopt better behaviours,” she explains. “I want to make sure we’re operating in a circular loop and showing people sustainable alternatives. Whering is literally the one-stop shop for your wardrobe.”

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Images: Rotaro, Getty and Whering

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