Haroshi's Sculptural Fire Hydrant Is Transformed Into New Collection

This week, NANZUKA is launching a show titled “Fire Hydrant Co.” featuring new works by painter and sculptor Haroshi. The artist, known for upcycling discarded skate decks into wooden sculptures, is focusing on fire hydrants, a subject that is symbolic for skateboarders. To celebrate the upcoming exhibition, Yuta Hosokawa of READYMADE, Cali Thornhill DeWitt’s SAINT MICHAEL and Los Angeles designer Tetsuzo Okubo have collaborated on apparel and accessories that feature Haroshi’s depiction of the fire hydrant.

Sweatshirts arrive in a distressed and vintage aesthetic that is distinct to SAINT MICHAEL. Illustrations of fire hydrants by Hosokawa are emblazoned on the back, while Haroshi’s signature is written on the inside of the hoodie near the back of the neck. Elsewhere, a range of beanies boast the faces of Haroshi’s signature sculptures as patches. “Arigato,” “PMA” and “GUZO” come out of speech bubbles. Rounding out the collection is a body bag printed with an outline of Haroshi’s new hydrant sculpture. A wallet boasts the same design.

Take a closer look at the new collaborative collection in the images above. The items will go on sale starting August 21 on P-ROOM THE WORLD.

In related news, Cali Thornhill DeWitt has prepared the first release of his SAINT MICHAEL label.
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