Gypsy girl hits back at troll who claims she dumps rubbish in local car parks – and she’s not holding back | The Sun

A WOMAN who is part of the traveller community has hit back at trolls who claimed that she dumps rubbish at local car parks. 

Charlotte Ann had had enough of being accused of something – so decided to clear up speculation, as she claimed to know the real reason this happens. 

The social media user was sent a message by one of her followers that insinuated that she was part of a community that left car parks in a state. 

So she called the person out and responded directly, as she began: “We’re going to dispel this myth once and for all.

“Are there travellers and gypsies that needlessly leave rubbish in places? Yes.

“But let me tell you a fact that shockingly you don’t know.”

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Charlotte Ann continued to claim: “You know when a traveller or gypsy is out travelling, and they’re staying in a camp and they have rubbish?

“Do you know where they bring it? Now you can research this – when they bring it to the local authorities, to the local council tip, they are not allowed to leave it there – even if they offer money.

“They’re told that you need a permit. Now to get that permit, you have to be a local resident and I think it takes a week or so to get the permit.

“They don’t give it to you instantly – you can’t just buy the permit, you have to go through the steps of the council and you have to have a permanent address.”

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Continuing to speak about “all these hoops” that people have to jump through, Charlotte Ann said it was virtually impossible for someone from the traveller community to do so, as they often don’t have a permanent residence. 

She continued in the video posted to her TikTok account @charlotteann00 that that meant many were left with no other option, as travellers also weren’t allowed to use the public bins. 

She asked: “So apart from bagging that rubbish up and leaving it in a pile tidy for the council to collect – who refused you to bring it to them – tell me what else are they meant to do?”

Charlotte Ann added that she was sharing the information for “educational purposes.”

She continued: “This is what makes me sick about the world.

“You’ve put the hurdles in place for us, but then you judge us for it – and that is fact.”

She then urged her followers to research what she’d said and think before they spoke.

Charlotte Ann concluded: “I want you to research it and find out for yourself  – there was an actual documentary done about it.

“But you don’t take the time to research – and I’m not getting at this one particular person, I don’t even know who it is. I’m talking about the masses that believe this.

“I’m just educating on this topic because you really don’t know what you’re talking about. 

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“You are just sheep, following the stereotype without ever taking the time to learn why that stereotype is in place, who put us in that position.”

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