Fed-up mum who was sick of her ‘warring’ kids comes up with cheap bedroom hack to give them each some space

AS MUCH as we all like our own space from time to time, kids don't always get the option with many siblings having to share a bedroom.

But in many cases, the constant bickering leaves frustrated parents desperate for a solution – and this might just be the answer.

One mum who was sick of her "warring" kids came up with the cheap bedroom hack and shared the solution online.

Her daughters, aged nine and 12, who originally slept in a bunk bed, now have their own seperate sides thanks to a clever room divider – and it's really quite impressive.

The Australian mum separated the bunk beds so the girls each have thier own single bed.

Between them is a decorative partition screen the woman found on Facebook marketplace which she painted white to match the room.

The divider consists of two MDF boards which the mum cleverly hung from the ceiling with secure industrial eye screws.

The mum noted that the partitions "aren't completely suspended" though as the weight of the screen sits comfortably on the floor.

To finish off the space, the doting mum picked up a range of bargain bits including wall art and bedside tables.

"We now have two happier girls, for little cost; and still allows light through the window to keep the room bright!" she wrote on Facebook, admitting the bedroom situation was "killing me".

Her bedroom hack quickly caught the attention of many as more than 1,700 liked and commented on the post.

"This is quite beautiful, I love the simplicity of the decor. Very clever," one mum wrote.

"This is such an awesome idea. Well done!! You could even add a sheer curtain to the head end of the screens for that little added extra privacy," another mum suggested.

A third added: "Best idea, I absolutely love this look and feel."

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