Fashion Nova bikini label warns customers that the materials could cause cancer

Lot’s of people were concerned about the dangers posed of wearing something that contains dangerous chemicals, but others were more focused on the effects on the environment.

But plenty of people were quick to point out that these kinds of warning labels are commonplace in California.

‘California is one of the few states that legally have to tell you about these chemicals,’ tweeted one person.

‘The tags only come on things sourced out of California. Other products can have the same chemicals they’re just not required to let you know its wildd [sic],’ added another.

It all stems from Proposition 65, a legal requirement in Califronia which means companies selling in the state have to put warnings on any products that may contain harmful chemicals.

So it’s hard to know just how seriously to take this kind of warning. But it is certainly a bit worrying.

We have asked Fashion Nova for comment on this warning and so far haven’t received a response.

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