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LEONARDO DiCaprio will end up on the shelf if he doesn't pack in the partying before hitting 'male menopause', a psychologist has suggested.

And she thinks the 48-year-old Titanic actor's expanding body shape is down to his drinking, smoking, and a lack of exercise.

In an exclusive interview psychologist Jo Hemmings told The U.S Sun: "Leo's starting to get a dad bod likely from overindulging and not exercising over the holiday period.

"He doesn't hide his smoking which also doesn't help in itself.

"Leo isn’t mindful of any restlessness he gets from his party lifestyle and being addicted to it, so he might end up cutting a tragic, lonely figure in 10 years’ time.

"He's approaching that tipping point at 50 when he'll want to start to settle down because the male menopause starts to kick in."

Since splitting from his long-term girlfriend, Argentinian actress Camillia Morone, Leo DiCaprio has been spotted relentlessly living it up with a string of different women.

In the run-up to the New Year, the 6ft Hollywood star was snapped partying with 23-year-old actress Victoria Lomas at the Off Sunset Strip nightclub in West Hollywood.

And previously Leo enjoyed a brief dalliance through November with 27-year-old Gigi Hadid whom he has known for some time.

As 2022 drew to a close, Leo moved his rapidly expanding party clique onto a lavish yacht off the coast at St Barts.

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It was there that the Golden Globe winner saw in 2023 alongside a gaggle of fresh-faced models as well as his close pals, Tobey Mcguire and Drake.

The St Barts boat bash quickly progressed to Miami where Leo was spotted with Scott Disick's model ex Rebecca Donaldson and once again, rapper Drake.

"Leo's nudging 50 yet still has this Peter Pan eternal youth to his excesses, " adds Jo.

"He's also a bit of a risk taker and is rarely seen without a cigarette dangling from his lips or fingers or surrounded by models.

"Otherwise, with no family responsibilities, Leo seems to be extending and celebrating both his successful career and his free personal life for as long as he can.

"As an only child of divorced parents, he’d probably have been over-indulged by both parents growing up.

"They'd have ensured that any guilt they felt at splitting up wouldn’t impact a young, talented and impressionable Leo.

"It's this indulgence, combined with the fact that he doesn’t have any children of his own has enabled him to extend his youthful behavior and party for as long as possible.

"There are many men of his age who are already tied to all the financial and emotional commitments of having a young family.

"They might cast an envious glance at both his record of dating young beautiful women and his seemingly carefree approach to life."

Through the years of partying and amid plenty of professional successes, it's been Leo's parents George and Irmelin DiCaprio who've supported him throughout.

In fact, in 2016 Leo said: “My dad always told me, Go out there, son, and whatever you do, I don’t care if you’re successful or not, just have an interesting life."

But while Leo celebrated his 48th birthday last November, it was also the first time in four years that he'd spent the day as a forty-something singleton.

In fact other than his relationships with models Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafael, Camila Morrone has been the only other long-term relationship he's ever had.

"Leo has still got his hugely successful career going on and while he sadly hasn’t yet found the enduring love of his life, he does seem to be having a ball trying to find someone for the long run.

"The issue is that he's not looking after himself at the same time and it's starting to show.

"For many men approaching 50, the hormonal changes kick in around this time, giving them less energy (both in and out of the bedroom).

"And there's also the realization, psychologically, that if they want to settle down and have a family, while they may still be biologically fertile, their values and aspirations are likely to start to change.

"Most of his friends will have settled down some time ago and there’s likely to be a pull or a yearning for him to do the same.

"I think he’ll meet the right woman for the long haul within a year or so.

"Then we’ll see him giving up his exuberant lifestyle pretty quickly, as he swaps it for quite a different one.

"Leo's a smart guy, he recognizes that his needs will change in due course, but for the moment he is making hay while the proverbial sun still shines for him.

"There are plenty of Hollywood stars still partying hard and dating around in their 30s, but very few that I know who are still doing it in their late 40s and so publicly.

"And actually, none who haven’t been married or had children.

"But Leo is in a pretty unique position in Hollywood – especially as he still has a successful career and isn’t partying to compensate because his fame is on the slide.

"But while he might covet this position, I don’t think he’ll want to sustain it for much longer.

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"Interestingly before people start to give up the lavish, partying lifestyle, they often step it up a bit just because they know that time's limited.

"Leo seems to be making the most of the last few months – or few years – of freedom."

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