Ever wondered why men's jumpers have a ‘V’ at the top? It's not just decorative…

HAVE you noticed that men's sweatshirts often have a triangle at the neckline?

While most people assume it's just decorative, it does in fact serve a purpose.

The "V" shape sewn into the top of the jumper is known as a V-Notch or V-Neck, and was initially used to give sweaters a nice shape.

Apparently, it helps stop you getting clammy if the jumper is a heavier material.

The inventor of the sweatshirt was Benjamin Russell back in 1926 and the Russell Athletic website explained the purpose of the V-notch.

They said: "The sweatshirt was originally created as a football jersey, as part of that the V-Notch was designed with a thicker piece of cotton to soak up sweat.

“In addition, the reinforced stitching helped to maintain shape around the neck.

“Today this signature detail gives each piece an elevated look with a hint of history.

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“Over the years the V-Notch has transcended in size, design, and can now be found on garments such as hoodies and T-shirts today.”

So there you have it, so much more than just decorative feature.

But that's not the only clothes feature we've revealed the mystery behind recently.


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