Eagle-eyed royal fans spot key difference in two versions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive Netflix trailer | The Sun

EAGLE-eyed royal fans have spotted a major difference in two versions of Harry and Meghan's Netflix series.

The subtitles in the new trailer for the final three episodes of the doc, set to be released on Thursday, undergo a subtle change between the clip posted to Twitter and the one on the Netflix website.

The difference centres on Harry's bombshell claim that "they", whoever they are, were "happy to lie to protect" Prince William, but refused to tell the truth to protect him and Meghan.

This was seen as a shot at the Royal Family amid speculation that the Palace were the "they" he was referring to.

However, new images from the Netflix website show and interesting difference in the accusation.

In the trailer posted to Twitter this morning, Harry says that "they were happy to lie", but in the trailer on Netflix, he says that "the British media were happy to lie".


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In the clip, he also accused the royals of "institutional gaslighting" and revealed a video of himself beaming on the "Freedom flight" to America after quitting the UK for good.

It is the latest barb in the Sussexes' ongoing and open dissatisfaction with the way they have been portrayed by the press.

The first half of their show included claims that they had been hounded by newspapers and that there was a "feeding frenzy" around Meghan.

However, the pair have been accused of "fakery" as it was revealed that footage used to support these claims was stock video of photographers covering other high-profile people.

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For example, one image was from the premiere of a Harry Potter film, taken fives years before Meghan and Harry even began dating.

It comes after the first three episode of the series provoked some controversy, including Meghan appearing to mock having to curtsy to the late Queen.

Meanwhile, TalkTV's Piers Morgan blasted the show as "worse than the Kardashians" and branded the couple "boring".

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