Dad left 'crying' as his son finds a foul-mouthed toy in the kids' section at Primark | The Sun

A DAD has admitted he was left "crying" when his son found a foul-mouthed toy in Primark.

DJ Vinny was enjoying an outing with his little boy when the toddler set his sights on the Talking Dancing Dino Plush toy.

However, what neither of them realised was that when you push the dinosaur's foot, it wiggles its long neck and says what has been recorded previously.

But it seems that someone at the discount store had been messing around with the toy as, when Vinny's son pressed the button, it could be heard saying "d**khead".

Entirely unaware, the little boy kept repeatedly pressing the button, while his dad was struggling to comprehend what he was hearing.

"This toy had me crying in Primark," he wrote over the top of the video.

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"Not sure if someone should be FIRED or given a RAISE!"

In the video, he also panned the camera around as he asked: "Why is this in the kids' section?"

"I had full on tears when my son picked up this toy to play with round Primark," he captioned the video.

People were quick to comment on the clip, with one writing: "It records, so someone has left a nice little message on there!"

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"I saw that yesterday omg," another added.

"I wonder if anyone found my daughter’s recording she left on one," a third laughed.

As someone else wrote: "I need this! Perfect present for my brother for Christmas!"

"I bought one I love it," another said.

The plush, which also comes in a unicorn design, is £14.

Others admitted they wouldn't be able to resist the temptation not to record naughty words on the toy themselves.

"The urge to go to Primark and record swear words on the dinosaurs is strong," one wrote.

"Hmm wonder what I’ll be doing next time I’m in Primark," another added.

But someone else insisted it's not Primark's fault if people misuse the toy.

"It’s a kids’ toy," they wrote.

"They’re not in control of the people picking it up and recording their own voice."

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A Primark spokesperson told us: "Our Talking Dancing Dino Plush is designed to allow its owner to record a personalised message.

"We're disappointed that the toy was misused on this occasion and apologise for any offence caused."

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