Couple quoted £6k for their dream garden do it themselves for a fraction of the price

A COUPLE who were quoted £6,000 to transform their garden has had the last laugh, as they managed to do it themselves – and they saved more than £4,000 in the process.

Anna Hoban, 33, and her partner Tom Ellens, 25, moved into their new home in September and, not liking the look of their lacklustre garden, decided to completely overhaul the outside space.

When the couple received the pricey quote of £6,000, they decided to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves, and they managed to complete it in only 17 days.

Better yet, the entire transformation only cost them £1,926.

In the end, they spent £556 on sand, cement, tools and a cement mixer from Builders Merchant, hired a skip for £210 after producing more than five tonnes of rubble and mud and bought stones for £140.

They also purchased breezeblocks for £418, paving slabs for £602 and paint was provided by Lick as part of an Instagram collaboration.

Before the transformation, the garden was on an incline with a small patio that the pair of them could hardly use.

Once the couple realised the area wasn't suitable for their needs, they asked professionals for a quote. When they couldn't afford the potential bill, they decided to get creative and borrowed their family's wheelbarrow and spades to get started.

Anna told the Mirror: "We shopped around for the best deals and would call up companies rather than just accepting the first price we found – that's how you get the best deals.

"Anything we didn't end up using, we sold on Facebook marketplace."

Tom also asked his dad to help out with the garden, who had previous experience with home improvements.

They made sure to start by levelling out the garden and also by drawing a diagram on a piece of paper and working around that.

"We knew what we wanted it to look like but we had to just take it bit by bit," Tom said.

He said the key to making the transformation themselves was to focus on one thing at a time.

Now the loved-up couple has a garden that they actually want to spend time in.

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