Clever optical illusion reveals if you avoid getting emotional or if you’re a true romantic – so which are you? | The Sun

ARE you a true romantic at heart? Or do you avoid getting too emotional altogether?

Well this mind-bending optical illusion can reveal which you are, as well as other hidden aspects of your personality.

The clever image was shared on TikTok by Charles Meriot and has left viewers amazed by how accurate it is.

The illusion shows a pebble covered floor, but the different rocks and stones also form a woman with her hands over her face.

But which did you spot first?

According to Charles, each image means something very different.


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He revealed: "If you saw the rocks first it means that you're firm a conscientious and you always try to express your ideas clearly."

However you might also avoid getting too emotional when talking to other people, he added.

If you were one of the people who saw the face first "it means that you love grand gestures," Charles said.

Not only that, but your go out of your way for your loved ones.

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"In relationships you'll try to be the best partner the person's ever had," Charles added.

Viewers loved the clever illusion, one wrote: "I saw the face and it's so true about me!"

A second quipped: "The rocks caught my attention!"

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