Chunky utility boots are the latest must-have footwear

The various incarnations of lockdown have resulted in an indisputable fashion fact – comfort is king now more than ever before.

Chic loungewear is on everyone’s Christmas lists, and gone (at least for now) are the days of teetering around in heels, or trying to play it cool in little boots you hoped would be comfy but are low key hard on your feet.

Going seemingly hand-in-hand with that is the new trend of chunky, thick-soled utility and army boots.

Also arguably the natural offshoot of the trend towards thick-soled trainers, chunky flat boots seem to be in the window of every shop from high street staples to the top designers.

Not only do they look very warm and comfy, but they also give the wearer an air of badassery which is sure to boost one’s confidence without having to dress up.

Celebrities from the likes of Dua Lipa to Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid have been spotted out and about wearing chunky boots of various shapes and sizes and looking great doing it.

It’s hard to nail down a specific style to pin on the types of boots that adhere to the trend, with some looking more like flatform Chelsea boots and others like extreme army utility lace-ups.

The common thread that runs through this trend is that most offerings are black and flat.

As far as we’re concerned, any boots with a sole over an inch thick come under the trend’s umbrella.

How to wear chunky-soled boots

As seen in the pics above and below, chunky flat boots work with a variety of outfits from casual to smarter, work-approproate ensembles.

For a casual outfit, try pairing them with your favourite tracksuit or drawstring trousers with a puffer coat on top. If you want to dress it up slightly, try a blazer or duster coat instead – like Kendall here.

If you want to wear them the next time you’re in the office, chunky boots look very cute with an above-the-knee dress or a skirt. You can also pair them with a pair of jeans, a good blouse/shirt and a blazer.

We wouldn’t recommend wearing them to a formal event, unless the hosts are very chill, fashion forward or both.

If that’s the case, you might try dressing them up Princess Diaries-style with a floaty/flowing ballgown. They also wouldn’t look bad with a suit.

When/if we ever get to go out out again, a pair of chunky utility boots will look great with a slip dress.

Where to buy chunky utility boots

Want to get in on the trend but don’t know where to start looking?

Here are some examples to get you started…

Asos Design Aqum Premium Leather Chunky Chelsea Boot

Price: £80.00

Get them from Asos.

Cos Chunky Leather Ankle Chelsea Boots

Price: £180

Get them from Cos.

Dr. Martens Vegan Jadon II Mono Platform Boots

Price: £179.00

Get them from the Dr. Martens website.

Topshop AVA Black Leather Chunky Lace Up Boots

Price: £95.99

Get them from Topshop.

Prada Monolith leather boots

Price: £1,030

Get them from Prada.

Men’s Zara Leather Boots with Track Soles

Price: £95.99 

Get them from Zara.

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