Christmas brain teaser has people scratching their heads – but can you spot the nutcracker in the festive scenes? | The Sun

HOW good are you at solving brain teasers in seconds? 

Now’s the time to find out as some of the latest to be released have had everybody scratching their heads. 

On the countdown to Christmas, Online Mortgage Advisor has created two scenes with a special festive figure featured inside of each one.

The first image is full of things associated with Christmas from a festive fire and jumper to snow globes and stockings. 

While the second picture includes gingerbread houses, bells, candy canes and Christmas puddings. 

But both pictures have one big similarity, as well as being focused on Christmas. 

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That’s because there’s a special Nutcracker hidden inside of each of them. 

And Online Mortgage Advisor have challenged their customers to see if they can track them both down.

Can you see one or two? Or are you one of the many who are squinting as they try to work it out? 

If you’re struggling to see it, you’re not the only one. 

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Many people have revealed they need a clue, or to be directed to a particular part of the picture to help their eyes focus. 

Bearing that in mind, if you have scoured the image and still can’t identify the nutcracker, try a different tactic.

In the first image, with the festive fire, glance towards the bottom right corner.

Elsewhere, the second picture it’s the upper, left hand section.

And once you’ve spotted it – as revealed below – you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it on first look. 

The nutcracker is hidden inside the Christmas sack amongst the presents in the first picture.

While the second sees it poking out the top of the bell – just underneath the gingerbread house.

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