Brutally honest mum shares photos of her ‘disgusting’ post-baby body and tells new mothers it’s OK to hate theirs too

A MUM has shared honest photos of her post-baby body in order to help new mother's love their figures, telling them it's 'okay to hate the way they look' after giving birth.

Mummy blogger Chantelle Donnelly regularly takes to her social media sites, The Losing Mumma, to share inspiration for mother's who are finding it hard to love their bodies after labour.

But this weekend she fought back against those who insist new mums should 'love' the way they look, posting photos of her 'disgusting body' – and telling women they 'don't have to' feel great about the way they look.

Taking to Instagram, Chantelle said: "Why should I have to love my body? Because it grew two humans? Yes, I'm very proud of my body because it's been through so much in the last few years.

"But does being proud of my body mean that I have to love the way it looks? Hell no. When I look in the mirror I don't love what I see, but I'm not sad about that.

"You don't need to feel pressured into loving your body and it's OK if you don't. Love your body? I'm so happy that you do. But don't love your body? That's alright too."

Having spoken openly about her body on her blog, Chantelle is happy to admit she has 'cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin breastfeeding boobs and a mum tum' that all contribute to her feelings of hatred.

And while she's working on weight loss to try and change it, she's 'absolutely fine' and has come to terms with the fact she shouldn't have to lie and pretend she's happy with her figure.

Others agree, with Mums quick to flood the mum's Instagram comment section with words of encouragement, recognising that while it's not essential to love their bodies, mum should know how strong it is.

"Your body is not disgusting – it is beautiful and amazing," one woman wrote.

"I fully support this," said another. "Posting pictures of my body is something I could never do. You are beautiful for that."

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