Beauty fans go wild as B&M reduce NYX & W7 palettes to just £1 in epic sale – The Sun

MAKEUP fans are always thrilled to find new products to add to their collection without breaking the bank.

And that's exactly why shoppers are going wild for B&M's reduced makeup and perfume, with unmissable bargain prices starting at just 10p.

One eagle-eyed shopper spotted highlighter and blush palettes for £1 a piece.

What's more, the same woman managed to bag a fun fragrance for 10p.

We did our research and discovered the W7 Strobe Time palettes usually retail for £5.50, while the NYX Strobe of Genius Eclair de Génie would normally cost £5.99.

That's a massive saving on both makeup palettes – and a great excuse to improve your highlighter game.

Posting on the Facebook group B&M STORES BARGAINS AND MORE the eagle-eyed shopper shared a snap of her enviable bargain buys.

Her haul also included a 10p perfume, which she bagged in Accessorize.

Many others commented or liked the post, congratulating the woman on her impressive bargain buy.

One woman said: "Well done."

Meanwhile, another Facebook user complained about not being able to find makeup in her local B&M – but it's always worth having a look in store.

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