Amanda Holden on ‘most flattering’ colours to look ‘fantastic’ at any age – ‘Its so easy

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Amanda Holden turns heads with her outfit choices and the Britain’s Got Talent judge is on a mission to inspire women to feel confident and comfortable while looking fashionable this summer with her fourth JD Williams edit. spoke exclusively with Amanda about her collection, what her favourite pieces are and she gave her best advice when putting an outfit together.

Speaking about her collection and what fans can expect, Amanda said: “Lots of lovely pastel colours for spring, and I like to think that Davina and I pick things that are suitable for every body shape and comfortable. 

“I don’t really go for comfort as a rule but lots of the JD Williams stuff looks great but actually feels very nice. 

“So it’s a very sort of spring-summer floaty range this season. I think every season it will just get better and better.” 

As for what her favourite piece is, the Heart FM Breakfast host revealed: “The yellow dress [Raishma Studio Frill Detail Dress] that I wore the other day, it’s basically sold out, so it’s working, [it’s popular]!” 

Amanda also spoke about her style and said: “I like prints and boldness…but for me, I go for what suits my body shape obviously like most people do.

“And I think even though I’m in a shocking pink now I do think that pastel colours can be more flattering as you sort of move into a sort of mature age or stage in your life. 

“I think pastels look fantastic. But as I say I’m in a shocking pink colour.

“If you’re not as daring then I think the softer pastel tones can be very flattering.” 

Amanda also likes clothes that have been “well-cut”. 

“I think jeans are very important,” she added. “Have a good pair of trousers in your wardrobe. 

“I like a wide-leg trouser or a flare at the moment, and a jacket and a T-shirt – that’s the sort of thing I tend to live in and when I’m doing the school run and when I’m off duty. 

“I do love tracksuits, but I think a good blazer of which there are loads out there and you often find they come as part of a suit.

“So again you’ve got that capsule.” 

Amanda spoke more about her go-to outfit: “A good blazer, a good T-shirt, people find it boring if they’ve got a bit of budget, they’re like ‘well I’m not going to buy a T-shirt’. 

“But I think if you spend a bit of money on a navy and a khaki and a white T-shirt that we’ll see through the summer, with a nice navy jacket and a pair of jeans. 

“It’s just like a staple with a loafer or heel. It’s just so easy,” she remarked. 

“I try to go for a classic look that’s pretty timeless. 

“But I am being daring with colours this season because we’re all out and about, we’re safely able to travel and do our parties and go to our weddings. 

“So I think all that budget that you may have saved in lockdown. Blow it now on a really silly pair of bright coloured shoes and a palazzo pant!” 

Amanda is a huge fan of bright heels, but they weren’t her first choice. 

“I used to be a fan of wearing nude heels with loads of stuff, all the time and then I got really bored of that,” she admitted. 

When choosing what to wear, Amanda has some advice.

“I start with the shoe up, I have a shocking pink shoe and a green shoe [to name a few],” she explained. 

“And I think if you’re going to be bold or if you’ve got a wedding or something like that this year and it’s a one off and we’ve all come out of lockdown, I think start with the shoes and go for something that you’ve never normally would go. 

“All shoes look fantastic under jeans, no matter what you’re wearing on top and flashing bright colours is massively fashionable. 

“You might not think to wear like a pink shoe or a leopard print shoe with denim but it would look just fantastic. 

“Be bold with your shoes this season!” Amanda concluded. 

Amanda’s spring campaign is in conjunction with Davina Williams, and together they have three edits; staycations, gardening, and family time. 

The Staycation Collection is designed for those preferring to holiday in the UK, and includes everything needed for outdoor fun and socialising.

The Garden Proud Collection is perfect for al fresco dining with garden guests. 

The Time Together Collection is a celebration of the importance of family time. Match with your mini-me in coordinating outfits. 

The spring collection will launch online in May, with the summer collection to follow in June. 

JD Williams presents a wide range of clothing in sizes from eight to 32, accessories, homeware, electrics, beauty and more, available online at

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