Zara McDermott breaks silence on government job exit for Love Island

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Zara McDermott, 25, appeared for the first time on screens across the nation back in 2018 after she became a contestant on the fourth series of Love Island. However, what many did not know back then, was that she had left her government job as a policy advisor for the Department of Education to join the reality show.

Speaking to about her former career, Zara explained how she has somehow managed to continue working on helping to educate others thanks to her new platform.

She also explained despite having “the fondest of memories” from her previous job, she felt she had to “give everything a go”.

When asked how the career change came about, Zara explained: “Well, in some ways I feel that my career has come full circle!

“The reason I joined government was because I have always been passionate about helping people.

“I was desperate to work in the DfE because I always had a passion for working with young people, educating them on important topics and making a difference

“I used to do work outside of my job and I created a work experience programme for young people wanting to see what it’s like to work in the government.”

Zara, who has since appeared in her own BBC documentary, Zara McDermott: Revenge Porn, revealed that she still works with the government to help get important messages across to young people.

She continued: “So, I have always had this passion to educate.

“And now I get to work with incredible brands like Always, whose ethos aligns very much with my own.

“I get to continue my passion and still get to engage with government where possible, and make documentaries about important topics that affect young people.

“So, I kind of feel like I am where I was always meant to be,” Zara concluded.

Zara went on to explain that, being in her early twenties, her mindset surrounding her career was very open and she was willing to “give everything a go”.

She revealed: “I was only 21 at the time. I took a once in a lifetime opportunity and I had no idea where that would lead me.

“I wasn’t necessarily thinking about returning, or not returning. I was young and determined to give everything a go that came my way!”

Zara added: “I look back on my time in government with the fondest of memories, I absolutely loved every moment of it because I always felt as though I was making a difference.

“If I wasn’t in the position I am now, where I am able to make that difference, then no doubt I would have felt eager to go back.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Zara opened up about her love life and how her relationship with Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson is in an “amazing place”.

She said: “We are in an amazing place now! We live together, we have our two little fluffy kittens that got last Christmas.

“That was definitely a new stage of commitment and adjustment. Being responsible for something other than ourselves, caring for them etc.

“To be honest, they have ended up being the bosses of us!” she joked.

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