Whoa – Sia Comes Down Hard Against Amber Heard Based On Johnny Depp Abuse Evidence!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Sia has suddenly come down strongly in favor of Johnny Depp as he looks ahead to his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard!

The Cheap Thrills singer surprised her Twitter followers on Thursday night by “just showing my public support” for the embattled Pirates of the Caribbean actor in a series of posts about his current legal situation.

It all started when the Chandelier performer suddenly shared a link to a YouTube video which claimed to have “FINALLY REVEALED” the “real” abuser in the ongoing legal battle between the two movie stars.

Classifying Heard’s actions as “classic borderline behavior” in the tweet, the 44-year-old Australian-born performer sure got people’s attention (below):


The pop songstress, born Sia Kate Isobelle Furle, then followed it up in quick succession with two more tweets — one in which she claimed her “public support” for Depp, while noting he is “clearly the victim after hearing those tapes” (below):


Of course, in this instance, the singer is almost certainly referring to the 2015 tapes played in court back in February, in which Heard can be heard admitting to hitting Depp.

And Sia wasn’t done there; a third tweet seemed to accuse Elon Musk of enabling and supporting Heard, whom he dated for about a year before the pair split in 2018! She wrote:

“Also @elonmusk didn’t you give her the seven million she “donated” from her settlement? She still came out seven million richer. Why are you protecting her? She will never get the help she needs if we all stay silent!”

There, Sia is almost certainly referring to the $7 million Heard received as a divorce settlement from Depp, which she then publicly donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. But, in that tweet, the pop star appears to insinuate that Musk could have allegedly given her $7 million after her donation???

Dude’s got the bank roll for that, at least… that’s for sure!

As of Friday morning, neither Heard nor Depp had publicly responded to the musician’s comments. Her own followers on Twitter weren’t shy about responding, though! Here’s just a smattering of the replies the songstress got when she waded into the Depp-Heard deep end (below):

“Physical violence is a sure sign of an abusive person, but that can be manipulated out of someone with enough emotional and mental abuse and frustration from being incapable of resolving it otherwise… I’d rather not make assumptions about either of them, though. Idk enough.”

“Seriously Sia. BPD is debilitating. How dare you add to the stigma associated with it. F**ken loved your music but you just don’t know when to stay in your lane.”

“Hey, I really hope you didn’t mean it like this but the use of ‘classic borderline behavior’ really stigmatizes a mental illness where the majority who have it are actually victims of abuse/trauma, and already face a hell of a lot of stigma that prevents them from getting help.”

“They both abused each other. I don’t get it. What does everyone want? Amber to no longer be able to work or support herself? Come on.”

“As a survivor of domestic abuse, I applaud you for speaking up! Based on all the evidence and court transcripts, Johnny was clearly a victim of Amber. We need to support all DV victims and not let female perpetrators such as Heard get away with abuse.”

“Thank you for speaking out Sia! Elon, I don’t know what AH has on you but you need to free yourself, AH will NEVER stop.”

“Thank you SO SO much for this. You have clearly looked into it and not just believed what the ‘spin’ is. You are a queen.”

“im so sorry sweetie, but it’s time to go back and think about what you just did.”


There’s a lot to take in here, Perezcious readers — thoughts?? Where did Sia come from on this one, anyway?! Pretty random cause for her to take up out of left field, isn’t it??

And more than that, do you think she’s right? Or is she missing something here?! We’ve certainly seen a lot of evidence of abuse in this toxic relationship over the past few months…

Sound OFF about Amber and Johnny — and now Sia’s involvement, too — down in the comments (below)!

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