Wheeler Dealers host sets Rishi Sunak fresh new goal after petrol car ban delay

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Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has called on Rishi Sunak to consider using new technology after the ban on petrol and diesel cars was delayed to 2035.

The TV host urged the Prime Minister to invest in hydrogen power and sustainable fuels alongside fully electric models.

He said hydrogen batteries were “the only possible future” for the motoring industry and demanded fresh investment.

It comes after Mr Sunak pushed back the ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles from 2030 to 2035 last week.

The pushback came as part of a watering down of net-zero policies which has infuriated manufacturers and EV industry leaders.

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Mr Brewer wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “I’ve said all along hydrogen powering batteries is the only possible future, Governments need to invest in hydrogen technology urgently. Confusing the car market with rash decisions is not the way forward.”

When asked by a member of the public if he was “writing off synthetic fuels as an alternative”, the Wheeler Dealers star admitted it was still an option.

He added: “No, also a great alternative.. all options should be explored but make sure we are ready before they implement.”

After the Government decided to delay the ban by an extra five years, Mr Brewer took to social media to admit he was not surprised by the call.

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He commented: “I’ve been repeatedly saying that this government won’t meet its target of removing ICE vehicles for sale by 2030. Looks like I was right! They are gonna kick the can down the road.”

He later doubled down on his calls for officials to consider alternative methods over the next decade including hydrogen power.

Mr Brewer told Car Dealer Magazine’s YouTube channel: “There are lots more interesting things coming through alternative fuels.

“Formula One will be running alternative fuels in a couple of years’ time.

“We can grow fuels these days. It doesn’t have to be fossil fuels, they can come from a different source.

“There’s hydrogen energy which we are not really harnessing it the correct way we should be… Hydrogen charging batteries that propel cars down the road.

“That’s inevitably got to be where we are going to go in the long-distance future.”

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