What Is Brittany Galvin’s Real Job? Anna From ‘The Bachelor’ Claimed To Know Her

Five new women joined Matt James’ Bachelor season during the Jan. 25 episode, and one of them dealt with major drama right away. After Brittany Galvin made her limo entrance, Anna Redman claimed she’d heard of the newcomer from a friend back in their shared home city of Chicago. Anna later confronted Brittany about her intentions for being on the show, bringing up a rumor she’d heard about Brittany being an "escort." However, Brittany immediately denied this claim. So, what is Brittany Galvin’s real job? The Bachelor contestant was forced to explain her pre-reality TV past right off the bat.

Brittany caused a stir with the other contestants as soon as she immediately kissed Matt to "make up for lost time," and responded to Victoria’s complaints by saying that ABC "wanted to save the best for last." Anna seemed particularly upset by her entrance, and later admitted that other Chicagoans had warned her to "watch out for this girl." She added that she’d been told Brittany might be working as an escort.

"There’s a rumor because she knows all of the rich men in Chicago that she’s an escort and may be having transactional relationships with wealthy men," Anna added.

After Anna and Victoria confronted her, Brittany told them that having to dispel the rumor was "ridiculous," adding that "I’ve had a boyfriend since I was, like, 16." Her official ABC bio even calls her a "serial monogamist." Although speculation that Brittany may or may not be a sex worker (a profession that warrants no shame regardless) persisted throughout the episode, ABC states that she’s a Chicago-based model.

Unfortunately, as a recent promo showed, Brittany’s career will be a major topic of conversation in upcoming episodes, as she tearfully tells the camera, "This could ruin my life." Hopefully the drama will finish playing out soon, and she can get to know Matt without any unnecessary shaming.

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