Wait, will Prince Andrew & Fergie give Royal Lodge to the Cambridges?

The story about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s desire to move to Windsor started in the summer of 2021. The story happened suddenly, out of nowhere – the Cambridges were seemingly negotiating with Prince Charles and the Queen publicly about how they wanted another royal property, this time in the country. Early in that speculation, a story came out about how Prince William was especially keen on forcing Prince Andrew out of Royal Lodge, the lavish mansion Andrew and Sarah Ferguson inhabit on the Windsor estate. William wanted Royal Lodge for himself. William did not get his way, probably because the Queen would obviously not want to force her favorite son out of his generous lease. Well, Fergie recently purchased that luxury home in Mayfair, remember? So now people are speculating that the Cambridges’ move to Adelaide Cottage will be brief, and that a relocation to Royal Lodge is perhaps in the cards after all?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are considering taking over the Windsor home currently occupied by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, according to a royal commentator. Rachel Bowie says that W illiam and Kate are looking at a move to Adelaide Cottage, which incorporates parts of the original Royal Lodge, to be closer to the Queen and give themselves more living space.

The re-erected version of Royal Lodge is currently home to Andrew and Fergie, and the Royally Obsessed host says it could be available after Fergie bought a new property in Mayfair. Ms Bowie said that Fergie’s new home is on the Grosvenor Estate owned by the Duke of Westminster, who is a friend of William and Kate, and godfather to Prince George.

She said: “The speculation is they didn’t pay full price for this and they got a good deal because, ‘Hey, help my aunt, she needs a house’. It is interesting because there’s a lot of talk about the Cambridges moving into Royal Lodge. Supposedly, Andrew and Fergie are staying at Royal Lodge for now, but if they had this other home is the plan maybe they can move into this Mayfair place and the Cambridges could move into Royal Lodge? Who knows.”

Royal Lodge was the official residence of the Queen Mother from the death of King George VI in 1952 until her own death in 2002, the Express reports.

[From The Daily Mirror]

I don’t believe this and it sounds like idle speculation. I think Andrew is going to cling onto Royal Lodge until the bitter end. In this case, the bitter end will be the Queen’s passing and Prince Charles explicitly kicking out Andrew, if it happens. Whatever Fergie’s scheme with the Mayfair real estate is, it doesn’t affect Andrew’s lease on Royal Lodge. Now, I totally believe that William wanted Royal Lodge and probably still wants it. I totally believe that William wanted to be given a much fancier home in Windsor, even if the home was mostly just for Kate and the children.

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