Victoria Beckham says she loves Harper seeing women celebrating their curves

Victoria Beckham has said she loves seeing Harper, 10, surrounded by curvy women who radiate a positive attitude.

The 48 year old fashion designer, who is releasing a new and affordable collection, has opened up about body image and how she appreciates Harper seeing women "celebrate their curves".

The Beckham family has recently been hanging out in Miami, where husband David Beckham co-owns the Inter Miami football team, providing plenty of inspiration for Victoria's new fashion line.

During family outings with her daughter Harper, Victoria has noticed women showing off their curves with confidence and hopes it will have a positive impact on her daughter.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, Victoria said: "There are a lot of really curvy women in Miami, and they really own it, you know?" She remarked. "They walk along Miami beach with not a lot of clothes on, and they look fantastic.

"They show their bodies off with such confidence. I found both their attitude and their style really liberating. And as a mother, I loved the fact that Harper was around women who were really celebrating their curves and enjoying how they look."

She added: "It’s an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin. I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs – and a bum. The curvier you are, the better my VB Body dresses look."

Victoria's new clothing line, VB Body, has been designed with the positive message she wants Harper to internalise.

"Every woman wants a nice, round, curvy bottom, right? For that, you need a really tight knit that nips you in at the waist and holds you in all the right places," she added.

"You need fully fashioned details, considered and perfectly placed to create a really flattering silhouette."

Victoria also discussed how she is always working towards getting "as good a bottom as I can get" by doing plenty of squats every morning while also changing up her fitness regime.

Now, she focuses on lifting heavy weights at least five or six days a week while her athletic husband joins in alongside their personal trainer.

"I’ve always been a bit scared of weights, but it turns out I love them," she said.

"I’ve even got those special gloves to wear! It’s good to switch things up and keep your body guessing. I’ve got so much more muscle tone now."

Surprisingly, Victoria revealed that David is "hilarious" when they're working out together, stating: "I mean, obviously he's amazing in the gym, but in our sessions, he's always the one who procrastinates."

Victoria has previously provided insight into her little girl's exercise routine, too sharing a video on Instagram of Harper bouncing on a small trampoline.

In the video captioned "Harper and mummy doing their daily exercise," Victoria can be heard egging her daughter on, saying: "Now face me. Bounce, bounce. Now do star bounces".

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