Vassy Talks Finding A New Sound On ‘Concrete Heart’ & Unveils Infectious New Remixes

Hot on the heels of her smash song ‘Concrete Heart,’ Vassy debuted a slew of remixes for the track! The singer told us all about the meaning behind the track’s lyrics in an EXCLUSIVE interview.

Australian hit-maker Vassy has played stages across the globe with the likes of Tiesto and David Guetta, but her latest track veers off from her EDM roots and takes on a while new sound. The star sat down with HollywoodLife for an interview to talk about the next chapter of her impressive career, and why her latest single is so “special” to her.

“I wanted to write a record that a lot of people could relate to,” the singer tells HL. “The whole thing about ‘Concrete Heart’ is that we all want love, but we want to love without getting hurt. Being vulnerable is something that we’re all scared of. That’s kind of the thing that triggered it. I wanted the song to… the whole concrete thing is about trying to protect yourself with a concrete heart,” she explains. Plus, Vassy told us that there’s a music video on the way as well. “When we shot the video I wanted to really book that and of course, the best way to do that is in New York City. It’s like this massive concrete jungle,” she said ahead of the video’s release.

Vassy went on to explain why this song specifically is so near and dear to her heart. “‘Concrete Heart’ is a really special moment for me as an artist. I dedicated this song to my dad actually,” she explains. “My dad died a long time ago. He had a concrete business. I thought it was really sweet because my mom, actually I didn’t even join the dots, it wasn’t deliberate. One day my mom goes, ‘I really love this song. Is it about dad?’ I think she just assumed it was about my father. I was like ‘Yes, I’m going to dedicate it to dad.’”

The songstress is embarking on a whole new era of artistry with her new tune. “For me, it’s a special record because I’m known for all this huge sort of EDM anthems and big collaborations I’ve done with massive DJs, who I love and adore. It was a great period. I think now it’s time for me as an artist to just focus on on what I want to do and what kind of records I want to make. I was a little nervous about it. You know, there’s this expectation from the fan base. I thought, ‘Are they going to like this?’ Whatever. I just thought, ‘You know what? I just have to follow my heart and be authentic and really make records that excite me.’”

She continues, “At this point, it’s like I have however many years left on this planet, I want to make records that really excite me and fulfill my soul. This is the beginning of this chapter. ‘Concrete Heart’ marks the beginning of the journey for me transitioning as an artist…transitioning over into more of a pop leading dance world.”

When asked who she would love to link up with next for a collab, Vassy doesn’t falter. “Calvin Harris,” she says. “I’ve always loved Calvin Harris. Even back in the day when he was a lead singer in his little group. You know? I love UK House and UK Soul. I’m a diehard house head. He did some really cool indie stuff back in the day. I’ve always liked him and of course, he’s blown up now. It has always been my to go and it still is today. If I could have a record with him, I’d love to tick that off the bucket list!”

One thing’s for sure; Vassy is more excited for the future than ever before. “I’m real excited. The next record, I already have lined up, we’re finishing it up. I’m working with some really great pop producers and just concentrating on making records that I feel good about,” she proudly says.

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