Us Weekly: Will Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck tie the knot in early 2022?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have enjoyed a more subdued Autumnal Bennifer Romance. The Summer of Bennifer was hot and we had non-stop gossip, yacht photos, vacation photos, pap strolls and more. The autumn brought separate work schedules and stolen moments together on weekends. Still, I believe in Bennifer. I still hope Ben doesn’t ruin this for us! Now that their respective schedules are a bit lighter (Ben has wrapped on his film, but I think J.Lo is still on location), there are still plans afoot to spend the holidays together. So is a Christmas wedding in the cards? What about a New Year’s wedding? A Valentine’s wedding?! A President’s Day wedding?!!! From Us Weekly:

It’s full steam ahead for Bennifer 2.0! A source tells Us that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are talking about tying the knot early next year. “They’re thinking of doing a small private ceremony, although Ben wants a big flashy affair,” says the source, adding that Affleck, 49, “adores Jennifer so much and wants to profess his love in the most over-the-top way.” But Lopez, 52, is insisting on keeping things low-key. Adds the source, “She’s flattered, but she doesn’t want a media frenzy.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, November 22, 2021]

We joke around about how J.Lo has been married a million times and how she marries every guy she dates, but she actually doesn’t do that anymore! She didn’t marry Alex Rodriguez because, I believe, she knows in her gut that he’s a douchebag. She didn’t marry Casper Smart because ew, why would she. But with Ben, it is different. So much unfinished business, so many years since their first romance. Would I love to see them get married? For sure. Do I think it’s going to happen in, like, January? No. I don’t. The only reason for them to marry that soon is if she was going to be his date at all of the awards shows (omg) and she wanted to promote Marry Me, which is out on February 11 (omg). So… yeah, come to think of it, MAYBE!

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