Twitter Can't Handle Kim Kardashian Asking What Tortellini Is During Her Trip to Milan

If you’re still recovering from Kendall Jenner’s inability to cut a cucumber, a vegetable she’s clearly never seen before in her life, brace yourself for Kim Kardashian having no idea what tortellini is.

The moment in question happened during Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians, when Kim was in Milan for Fashion Week and went out to dinner with her team. While checking out the menu, Kim asked her waiter “What is tortellini?” and after he responded that it’s “like ravioli,” she ordered it and went on to ask for “any that’s not spaghetti, maybe a penne or anything else.”

And, apparently due to being huge pasta enthusiasts, Twitter is simply not okay:

Did Kim really just ask what tortellini is? IN ITALY!?

All the money in the world .. still doesn’t know what tortellini is

Kim K asking what tortellini is while in Milan…. C’mon Kimberly

Watching Kim K ask what tortellini is actually painful

Kim K asking what tortellini is just blew my mind lol.

Kim K really said what is tortellini

nothing prepared me for kim k asking a server in milan what tortellini is in the year of our lord 2022

Anyway! Kim went on to explain that she’s only vegan sometimes, and that night in Milan was not one of those times. “Tonight I have no restrictions. We’re eating,” she mused. “I’m not sure if I’ve ever clarified this, but I’m what I think they call a flexitarian, which is like vegan sometimes, but just not other times. So YOLO.”

Kim also brought Kendall back some pasta and ice cream to-go, and chatted about how she always takes care of her little sister. “I think Kendall and I have like a really special relationship,” she said. “I was 16 when she was born, I would always have to go on work trips with my mom and be Kendall’s babysitter and everyone thought I was her mom. I would be carrying the stroller and I just remember always walking around and everyone would be like oh your baby’s so cute. And I would be like I’m a baby what are you talking about, this isn’t my baby this is my sister. I’ve just always been super supportive of her and her journey.”

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