Trouble Appears to Shade Ex Alexis Skyy on Instagram: I Don’t Chase Light and Attention

Seemingly shading his ex boo, the rapper writes on Instagram Stories, ‘I’m not a love and hip hop n***a who’s willing to sacrifice my peace, privacy & personal life for 2k an episode.’

AceShowbiz -In the aftermath of Trouble and Alexis Skyy‘s nasty breakup, the exes seemingly can’t stop beefing on social media. The rapper recently took to his Instagram account to share a lengthy message in which he claimed that he was never one to “sacrifice” his privacy for TV show or fame.

“Im ol skool.. AnyBody who truly know skooB will tell you im the last n***a to eva chase the light and attention!” he wrote on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, September 24. Seemingly shading his ex boo, he added, “I’m not a love & hip hop n***a who’s willing to sacrifice my peace, privacy & personal life for 2k an episode or sacrifice my sanity to Be ‘poppin’ or the ‘topic’ on instagram! s**t Be lame AF to me!”

He continued, “We live in some real weirdo times an im Bool on alotta s**t & Bulls**t people. With that Being said.. Miss me wit da f***ery! We dont live on da same typa time! #WordToSkooB Peace & Blessings erBody.”

Trouble and Alexis previously were involved in an Instagram back and forth with the former accusing the latter of doing things for clouts. It started after the “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star was caught changing the caption of one of her photos which she took at Future‘s recent concert in Atlanta. “You changed that caption fast af,” one fan who noticed her action commented before Alexis replied, “its [sic] was a typo.”

Later, one person tagged Trouble and said, “why she playing with you,” to which Alexis responded, “nobody played with him he .. played with himself .. I been nothing but loyal n real some people just not ready or often sell us dreams it’s life.”

Apparently that comment didn’t only trigger Alexis. Trouble also replied to the fan’s question and then proceeded to throw shade at her alleged ex-girlfriend. “she doin it for the gram as they always do. Im Bool! Let her have fun. I’ll neva dis her name. Jus aint for me,” he wrote back.

The comment unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with Alexis. Tagging Trouble directly in a new comment, she wrote, “Fun ? Don’t f***ing play with me … I did nothing to ya but give 100% .. it’s sad that you can comment to Instagram s**t but can’t call or tex me for 2 days cause you in Vegas … I’ll never dis ya name … I just Asked you to respect my feelings which you not . I’m not gone keep speaking on it . Do what yu do.”

As if he knew that people were wondering if they broke up or not, Trouble confirmed the speculation on his Instagram Stories. “U kno u livin in a new era when instagram find out u single B4 u get the kall,” he wrote.

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