The Squid Game<\/em> Memes Are as Killer as the Games

Warning: The following contains spoilers for season 1 of Squid Game.

For news on Season 2, click here.

Here are some things we learned after watching Netflix’s international sensation Squid Game: (1) the formula for hit streaming content apparently includes bright colors, characters named after numbers, lots of violence, and using red hair dye to disguise grief; (2) 1 South Korean won is equivalent to .00084 U.S. dollars, but our lives are worth ₩ 100 million, which is enough to make us kill one another, but still less than what Jeff Bezos makes in a single minute; (3) heroes aren’t allowed to wear neck tattoos—neck tattoos are still reserved for villains; (4) Seoul is not a walkable city, but if you spend your last change on ramen a stranger may give you bus fare, but only if you previously saved that stranger’s life and only if he plans to later betray you; (5) red jumpsuits—we need to get some of those sexy ass red jumpsuits; (6) old people with lots of money will spend that money on literally anything other than charity; and so on, and so on.

What we mean to say is that the show is informative.

We also learned that Squid Game is the source of some killer memes. And since the entire world has now seen at least one episode, cried for at least one character death, and heroically swatted marbles out of the hands of children, we have lots and lots of memes.

So here are a bunch of them.

Here are the best Squid Game memes the internet has lovingly forged.

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