The Slumber Partys Valentina Herrera Reveals Her Favorite Disney Channel Movie, Video Games & More Fun Facts (Exclusive)

Valentina Herrera has shared some of her favorite things, exclusively with Just Jared Jr!

The 15-year-old actress will soon be seen starring as Anna Maria in the upcoming Disney Branded Television movie The Slumber Party.

Anna Maria is a self-assured teen throwing a slumber party for her friends on the night before her birthday, but after a hypnotism gone wrong, she goes missing. The next morning, her friends have to retrace their steps from the night before to find her and find out what happened while they were under hypnosis.

The upcoming movie is based on the popular teen novel “The Sleepover” by Jen Malone. Check out the trailer here!

Ahead of the comedy movie’s release, we got to know 10 Fun Facts about Valentina, including what her favorite video games are, her fave Disney Channel movie and the food she loves the most.

Check out what she shared inside…

JJJ note: Valentina‘s 10 Fun Facts feature was conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike began.

Keep reading below to see what she revealed about herself with us…

  • 1. I play the electric guitar. Just started and am still learning, but I’m already loving it!
  • 2. I sing! I’ve been singing ever since I can remember. Singing all day everyday is a norm for me. It’s another passion of mine apart from acting.
  • 3. I used to be a cheerleader as a six year old. I participated in cheer competitions and won the Arizona State Championship with my team.
  • 4. My dream role is to play the live action Pocahontas. I’ve always loved the movie and she’s my favorite Disney Princess. This role would be my dream come true!
  • 5. The first role I ever played was a poodle in Elementary School.
  • 6. I love makeup and will spend hours at my vanity just playing around with it, doing different looks.
  • 7. I play video games! Love to play Fortnite and Roblox with my friends all the time.
  • 8. I lived in Toronto, Canada for 7 months filming a PBS Kids Show called Odd Squad. That was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. It was very fun and the first show I’ve ever done.
  • 9. I’m a huge diehard Disney fan. I grew up watching the Disney Channel! My favorite Disney Channel movie is High School Musical 2. I’ve seen all of the High School Musical movies a countless amount of times.
  • 10. My favorite food is Italian. I’ll eat anything Italian. I’m actually part Italian, so I bet that has something to do with it…. for sure.

The Slumber Party debuts THIS Thursday (July 27) on Disney Channel, and next day on Disney+!

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