The ‘Shadowhunters’ Series Finale is ‘Really Bittersweet’ – Watch a Sneak Peek Here!

We can hardly believe that the series finale of Shadowhunters is here.

“It wasn’t what I expected and I don’t think anyone will expect it,” star Katherine McNamara recently teased about the two and a half hour special.

She continues, “When I watched it, there are things that the camera picked up on that I didn’t even know I was doing. And the person I was in the scene with, I didn’t even clock that they were doing that either. It creates this ending that really is a question mark and it really is bittersweet. It’s open for interpretation and I’m very excited to see what people have to say.”

“The door is left open and it’ll be open for the fandom to interpret it as they will and discuss as they will, which is what they’ve done from Day 1,” Kat says, “and it’s why I love them so much.”

Shadowhunters airs TONIGHT, May 6th @ 8PM ET/PT on Freefom.

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