‘The Blacklist’ EPs: The Season 6 Finale Steers Red & Liz In An ‘Entirely New Direction’ For Season 7

‘The Blacklist’ season 6 finale features multiple lives in jeopardy. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the show’s EPs about the thrilling episode, what it means for season 7 and more.

The Blacklist season 6 finale will show the president’s true plan coming into focus as Liz and the Task Force try to avert disaster. Most of the Task Force was arrested in the penultimate episode, which complicates things for Red and Liz. “We are going to learn the answer to what we think is this great question leading into the final episode. which is why in the world the President of the United States conspire with Anna McMahon to have himself killed? That’s the question going in and we think there’s an incredibly good and satisfactory and surprising answer to that question that the audience will learn in the final episode,” executive producer John Eisendrath told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Will the finale leave us with more questions or answers regarding the president and Anna’s plan? Show creator and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp settled that question: “We’re going to get a complete answer. The question of why would the president be part of a plan and support a plan to assassinate the president is I think answered in a surprising and personal way but it is put to bed by the end of the season. And by the way, unusually it’s a story that we’ve been telling all season. This really started in the first episode this season, so this upcoming episode really is the sort of you know, the resolution to a season-long story which we don’t often do.”

The synopsis for the finale says that Red “meets in secret with a man who holds information about his past.” The only thing Eisendrath could tease about this character is that “he is one of the few people that Red can trust and what he is going to ask him is something that is central to the entire mythology of the show.”

As for how this finale leads into season 7, Eisendrath said: “It resolves the season 6 plot story about the president and Anna McMahon. It opens up an entirely new direction in the lives of Red and Liz. It will set the audience on a path to learning new truths about people who are central to Red and Liz and new truths about their history and what will make their relationship entirely different going forward.” The Blacklist will return for season 7 this fall on NBC.

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