Tarek El Moussa & Heather Rae Young Wedding Plans Don't Include Exes

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are excited to be wedding planning, and are making sure it’s an intimate affair. ET’s Lauren Zima sat down with the couple to talk about their recent engagement, plans to get married and why their exes will not be invited to the ceremony. 

“We’re planning sometime summer 2021. We have dates on hold,” Heather shared, with Tarek adding, “Right now we’re in between Cabo and California, so we don’t know where it’s gonna be ,but it’s gonna be one of those places.”

Heather has already found her wedding dress, asked her sister to be her maid of honor and has chosen her wedding colors. They also know that they want Tarek’s two kids — Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 5 — to be a part of their celebration. However, someone that won’t be part of their special day is Tarek’s ex-wife and mother of his children, Christina Anstead. Tarek and Christina were married from 2009 to 2018.

“No, no exes at the wedding,” Tarek stated, explaining that they are planning on having a small wedding with no cameras. “Small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us. You know, we just think smaller is better.”

“Just intimate, with our best friends and family,” shared Heather. “We’re gonna have to be strict with our list.”

Our first “in studio” interview in 6 months. This was probably the most heartfelt emotional interview we have ever done. I definitely tear up a little. We Can’t wait for you to watch our love story. But you have to wait a few more weeks…. – In the beginning people questioned how fast we were moving….. But @therealtarekelmoussa always told me “don’t worry one day people will know” ❤️ #lovestory #soulmates

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Just four hours after sharing details of their engagement with ET on Sept. 18, Christina announced her separation from husband Ant Anstead. When asked if they spoke with Christina about getting married, Tarek and Heather said they hadn’t.

“I’m helping raise the kids, so I think she knew like how important my role was, but no,” Heather said about sitting down and talking with Tarek’s ex. “It’s a different. We have our own life and we respect her as their mom and we co-parent but we’re a couple. We don’t need to sit down with her and discuss that.”

“No, no, she’s my ex wife,” Tarek added.

As for how Tarek’s family welcomed the Selling Sunset star into their lives, she said the “whole family was welcoming, the kids were so welcoming. I started putting Taylor to bed right away, and we’re like best friends. They just open arms welcomed me in.”

What a special day yesterday …. It was Tay’s 10th birthday. We had our family & a few of her friends over for a Paris themed birthday. Tay lights up my life, she has the biggest heart (like her daddy) she makes me laugh every day, she’s thoughtful, brilliant and kind. I am so lucky to be her bonus mama. She loves her daddy so much she wanted to see him happy so she welcomed me into her life with open arms & we bonded from day 1. I love you Tay!!!! ❤️🎉🥳 1 or 2?! 😊

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Fans will get to see the couple’s engagement on Flipping 101‘s season finale on HGTV on Thursday, Oct. 8.

“I don’t even remember asking her the question. I don’t even remember her saying yes. I was pretty nervous,” Tarek admitted. “She has completely changed my world, you know. I say it all the time, especially on my social media. I was a different person, living a different life and the day she walked into my life my life changed for the better, and I’m thriving and the kids are thriving. And honestly, I owe most of it to her. She’s been my best friend, my ally.”

Heather added, “God, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to marry him…I was scared when I first met him. I’d gone through awful relationships and when I met him [everything changed].”

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