Sia Uses Bathroom, Flushes Toilet During Live Interview (Video)

Sia shocked a radio host when she used the bathroom during a live interview and even flushes the toilet.

During the interview, suddenly a flush could be heard. The host asked if she had just used the bathroom.

“Yeah, you heard me and I flushed too. I have no shame,” Sia said while appearing on the Nova FM’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill show on Monday (August 17).

Then, the host asked again if she “really just went to the toilet while you’re doing an interview with us?”

“I did,” Sia said. “But guess what? Stars are just like us.”

Then the host asked, “Why don’t you take a s— and we’ll get the whole thing?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t need to take a s—,” Sia added.

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