Shawn Mendes Helps Fan Overcome Fear of Returning To Manchester Arena Two Years After Attacks

Shawn Mendes is truly incredible, and helped a fan overcome her fear of returning to Manchester Arena for his concert earlier this year.

The fan, named Amelia, was one of the lucky ones who escaped the tragic Manchester Attacks that happened during Ariana Grande‘s concert two years ago.

According to the ITV story, Amelia was “severely shaken up and unable to talk for days after what happened”. She had tickets to attend Shawn‘s concert but didn’t quite feel ready to return to the location.

However, she did go with support from a police officer who was also there on the night of the attacks.

Upon arriving, Amelia also got a big surprise – a meet and greet opportunity with Shawn!

“It was really overwhelming and it felt so surreal but I really enjoyed it,” Amelia said of her experience with Shawn. “[He] was so nice to me and I’m a bit overwhelmed…I have new positive memories in there and they will definitely cancel out the negative ones.”

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