RuPaul's Drag Race: All the Transgender Queens (Photos)

Peppermint was the first transgender woman to compete and Gottmik was the first transgender man

Photo credit: VH1/Paramount+

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” has featured several transgender contestants at different points in their journeys. While several contestants came out as trans during or after filming, Peppermint was the first transgender woman to compete in Season 9 and Gottmik was the first transgender man to compete in Season 13. Kylie Sonique Love became the first trans winner, taking home the All Stars 6 crown.

Click through to see all the trans queens that have competed on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and its “All Stars” editions. The queens are ordered by the season they competed in, not necessarily when they came out as trans.

Kylie Sonique Love, Season 2/All Stars 6

After initially competing as Sonique in Season 2, she decided to go by her real full name, Kylie Sonique Love on “All Stars” 6, saying “you only do additions, never subtractions.”

She became the first trans winner on the show, declaring, “I’m so grateful to Paramount+, World of Wonder and RuPaul for taking everything she’s learned in the business and for giving people like me an opportunity. Not just drag queens but trans people, and I’m so grateful to be the first trans representation with the crown.”

Carmen Carrera, Season 3

Carmen transitioned after competing and has since become a famous model and trans activist. 

Stacy Layne Matthews, Season 3

Stacy, a self-proclaimed “country queen,” won the Snatch Game in her season portraying Mo’nique’s character from “Precious.” She also made a cameo in All Stars 4, though she has never competed in an All Stars edition. 

Lashauwn Beyond, Season 4

Lashauwn was one of three queens from her season that transitioned afterwards, the other two being Jiggly Caliente and Kenya Michaels.

Jiggly Caliente, Season 4/All Stars 6

Jiggly initially competed on Season 4 and returned for All Stars 6 after transitioning. She also got new teeth and slimmed down between her stints on the show.

Kenya Michaels, Season 4

Kenya Michaels, a petite (5’0) Puerto Rican queen, was a fan favorite known for her beauty and high energy.

Monica Beverly Hillz, Season 5

Monica tearfully revealed that she was in the midst of transitioning after receiving a critique for being “sad” and off her game. She survived being in the bottom 2 that week but was eliminated the following week.

Laganja Estranja, Season 6

Laganja, best known for her werk room death drop, is the latest queen to come out as trans. She made her announcement in June 2021.

Gia Gunn, Season 6/All Stars 4

Gia competed in Season 6 before transitioning and appearing in All Stars 4 as a transgender woman.

Peppermint, Season 9

As previously mentioned, Peppermint is the first contestant to enter “Drag Race” as a transgender woman. She made it to the finale of Season 9, losing out to eventual winner Sasha Velour.

Gottmik, Season 13

Gottmik made history as the series’ first transgender man. With edgy looks and polished make-up skills, Gottmik made it all the way to the top 4.

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