Robert Sheehan Has Experimented With Other Men to See If Hes Gay or Bisexual

The ‘Umbrella Academy’ actor talks about his sexuality in a new interview, admitting that he ‘gave it a few tries’ with other men to see if he’s gay or bisexual.

AceShowbizRobert Sheehan explored his sexuality “to see if there were any tinges in a gay or bisexual area.”

The “Misfits” actor experimented with other men to see if he was gay or bisexual, but after “a few tries” he decided it “wasn’t really for me.”

Speaking to, Robert said, “I explored my sexuality, just to see if there were any tinges in a gay or bisexual area, but there wasn’t really for me. I gave it a few tries though.”

Robert also admitted he’s not been a good romantic partner in the past as he was guilty of being “selfish.”

He said, “Absolutely. In relationships, I had a tendency to be rather selfish at times.”

When asked if he has ever issued an apology to any of his exes, he said, “I’ve done that. It is a good idea. It’s as much about you as it is about them but, if you’re doing some spiritual housekeeping, I think it’s no harm to reach out.”

Robert is now in a serious relationship but explained that fame can make things complicated.

The Umbrella Academy” actor said, “It’s easier to meet someone when you’re famous but harder to conduct a relationship with someone. There is someone (significant) now and it’s been an interesting learning challenge for me; a confrontation with the self and noticing old patterns emerge and then watching them dissolve.”

“At ground level, relationships have become easier for me because I know that what I’m fighting with is myself. Suddenly you’re five years old and you’re having the same feelings you had when your mother told you to go to bed early and, all of a sudden, you’re playing the role of your five-year-old self, and your girlfriend is your mother, and you might punch a wall because you’re an adult. And so, all this stuff, I’ve really improved upon.”

“(The alternative) would be not working on it. I’d be slaving under it for the rest of my life and grow old exactly the same and have people say, ‘Ah that’s just our Robert, cranky as ever, he’s a character’, when really he was just a sulky oul p**ck who never dealt with the way he was.”

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