Ringo Starr: The Beatles star shares uncertainty over performing again ‘Getting rough

Ringo Starr discusses his ‘peace and love’ catchphrase in March

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The Beatles legend Ringo Starr, 81, has revealed his concerns about performing again amid the coronavirus pandemic. The musician is in the high-risk category for catching COVID-19 due to his age.

Ringo was set to tour in both 2020 and this year with his All-Starr Band.

However, he was forced to cancel all of his upcoming tour dates due to his fears about the virus.

The drummer will also not fully commit to making a comeback to performing in 2022.

He said: “We didn’t know what it was going to be like in March 2020.

“It was getting a bit rough and we all knew about it and we had to postpone the main tour.”

Ringo reassured his fans he would be back the following year at the time, but this ended up not being the case.

He added to the Daily Star: “In my naivety I’m on the internet and I’m saying: ‘I’m sorry, I know you all wanted to come to these gigs but don’t worry, hold on to the tickets because I’m going to do the exact same tour next year.’ 

“And, of course, we didn’t. I’m not going out this year.”


Ringo went on to explain his team have sent him the itinerary for 2022, but he still can’t confirm whether the tour will go ahead.

The star admitted: “They’ve sent me the itinerary over for next year but it’s impossible to say if it’s on.”

Despite his concerns about performing, Ringo isn’t slowing down when it comes to releasing music.

He recently dropped his second EP of the year, Change the World.

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The musician told the Rolling Stone he kept himself busy during the pandemic by making music in his home studio with friends.

He revealed: “We have nothing better to do some days, so we write a song.”

While detailing his home studio set up, Ringo said: “Well, the drums are great. We’re in this room here — what is it, lads, 15-by-12? 

“All the equipment is here. All the keyboards, all the mics are here. Then in the bedroom, there’s three amplifiers and two kits of drums. And that’s how we do it.”

Ringo went on to say he’s comfortable with working on his music from home, as he can be around his wife and their dogs.

He also revealed he feels more “safe” by staying at home due to the pandemic.

Ringo continued: “I’ve done it in here for 10 years now. I love it because I can also say hi to the dogs, hi to [his wife] Barbara [Bach], have a cup of tea, whatever, and we’re safe. 

“I haven’t really been out because of the pandemic at all.”

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