Richard Hammond hopes The Grand Tour a ‘diplomatic force for good’ amid French Brexit row

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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The Grand Tour returns today with its latest outing on Amazon Prime Video. The new special, which was filmed under Covid restrictions, focuses on French driving and cars, with Richard Hammond telling and other media, it’s a “warm” approach.

In their latest special, Carnage A Trois, the trio are focusing on French car culture, which Jeremy brands “weird” in the episode trailer.

However, Richard has admitted he thinks it’s a kind look, especially following a fishing row between the two countries.

Speaking to, he admitted they didn’t realise it would be coming out just as French fishes are threatening a blockade of British goods entering Calais.

He said: “It turned out to be quite timely but it wasn’t in any way planned.

“We start planning these things a long way in advance.

“We wanted to ask the simple, quite cheeky question, ‘What is it about the French in the context of cars?

“And we thought it would be just an aircraft carrier for jokes about French cars.

“But actually it very quickly became clear and becomes clearer in the film, you see the point in which we start to think, ‘Maybe they were onto something, maybe they’re right?’

He added: “So it turns into quite an affectionate look at French cars, French car history, and French attitudes to cars.”

Richard also admitted how he hopes the special could be an aid to diplomacy in times of Brexit.

He added: “It’s quite interesting that we didn’t know that we would be arguing with the French at the time this show landed.

“And now as it lands, we are having a bit of a squabble.

“But because this is actually quite turned out to be quite an affectionate and warm and friendly look at the French and the French cars, maybe it will be diplomatically a force for good for the first time ever.”

The special was filmed around the UK due to travel restrictions in place from Covid.

Some of the locations it features are the Welsh hills as well as the White Cliffs of Dover.

The trailer for the new outing, even teases a huge stunt as a car is dropped from a helicopter.

Richard can also be seen parallel parking in the Parisian way in a tongue-in-cheek moment.

Carnage A Trois is released today on Amazon Prime Video.

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